Q&A with Elite's New Aviation Specialist - Kevin Halpin

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October 18, 2013

Stacey Klouda, Elite Marketeer: So Kevin, what’s new with aviation at Elite?

Kevin Halpin: Elite has a long history of providing testing services for aircraft manufacturers and suppliers and is highly regarded throughout the aviation industry. I joined Elite about 6 months ago to bring some different experiences and help build on that reputation, using my background in flight testing and aircraft performance analysis. We’re currently working on flight planning software for use on “electronic flight bags” or EFBs and training courses to help flight crews get the most out of their aircraft.

SK: Who would this be beneficial for?

KH: We are focused on providing military operators with tools to help them save time and reduce fuel consumption. But EFB developers and manufacturers would also benefit from incorporating our tools onto their own platforms. The U.S. military is in the process of adopting Apple iPads to use as EFBs which are the perfect platform for hosting powerful flight planning apps.

SK: I hear you’re going down to Atlanta soon, what’s happening down there? 

KH: Next week, Steve Laya and I will be attending the C-130 Hercules Operators Council (HOC), which is the largest annual gathering of C-130 operators and suppliers from all over the world. The C-130 is a large military transport aircraft used in a multitude of roles, from electronic warfare to aerial firefighting. We have developed the preTOLD™ app specifically for the C-130J which quickly and accurately computes speeds, distances, and other data for takeoff and landing (referred to as TOLD). It will help C-130 operators save time and improve their situational awareness during flight planning. We’re excited to introduce our products and services to the C-130 community and talk about all that Elite has to offer to suppliers and operators alike.

SK: Ok sounds like a great event.  Now, a more important question: Where do you stand on the Chicago deep-dish vs. authentic Italian thin crust pizza debate??? The fate of the world hangs on your answer…no pressure.

KH: That’s an easy one: nothing beats a deep-dish, stuffed pizza, and no one outside Chicago can replicate it. Trust me, I’ve tried to find it. Must be something in the water. Then again, you’ll never see me turn down a piping hot Margherita pizza either…I just have to stack a couple on top of each other.

SK: Well, thank you for your time, Kevin. We look forward to what we’ll see next from you, the Aviation department, and the rest of the Elite bunch.

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