Advantages of Professional Society Membership

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March 7, 2017

Coming up on March 16, Elite will be hosting a free technical meeting focused on portable electronic devices used on board commercial aircraft. We will discuss the technical perspective of why portable electronic devices must be turned off or placed into “airplane mode.” The presentation will be one of the most interesting of the year and based on similar meetings in the past, it will also be very well attended. 

This particular meeting is jointly hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Chicago Chapter and the IEEE EMC Society Chicago Chapter and is just one example of the monthly gatherings offered by various Chicago-area professional technical organizations.

If you haven’t been to a professional technical society meeting recently, then consider taking the time to connect with this one. This coming meeting will be truly interesting from a technical perspective.  But we also have a few other compelling reasons to attend this meeting and we offer this insight into why participation in the IEEE, SAE, or other professional organizations of interest is beneficial. 

Reach Globally, Focus Locally

The global membership for the IEEE is over 400,000 and 127,000 for the SAE. These members are very accomplished individuals from industry and academia who provide the thought leadership for diverse industries. Members are scientists, engineers, technicians, business managers, analysts, and marketers. Local chapter meetings bring together a similarly wide range of member backgrounds and provide a forum for local thought leadership. Membership now, more than ever, is important for professionals. With the fast pace of technology and business change, new product development, and innovation, participation in technical gatherings is a great way to meet other like-minded individuals and learn about industry trends. The value of face-to-face interaction and networking is priceless.

Acquire New Expertise

In addition to the personal connections made by participating in local meetings, the training aspects of society members are also incredibly valuable. For example, the IEEE and SAE sponsor regular regional and national training sessions that can help build a skill set that will make an engineering career more productive and keep one’s knowledge up to date.

Advance Your Career

Building leadership skills is also a great personal growth experience from society participation. Members that help run and grow local chapters, and develop standards, as well as those who participate in national leadership positions can benefit from the experience of working with others toward a common good. The multi-dimensional combinations of technical, leadership and communication skills are highly sought by employers.

Come on out to the next meeting on March 16 and learn more about the IEEE and the SAE. Talk to members and see how your professional career could benefit from getting to know others in your industry.