Elite is Adding Staff to Deliver Quick Access

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March 7, 2017

Within the past 12 months, Elite has added 12 new employees to our staff. We’re also expanding into 15,000 sq ft of new lab space. The purpose of this significant ramp-up is in response to the needs of our customers who have asked us to provide quick access to our resources and prompt test completion with the highest quality standards.

Elite continues to be a leader in EMC and Environmental Testing with more EMC engineers and more highly-qualified staff than any other testing service provider. Did you know we have 34 full-time EMC test engineers available to run testing each and every day?

To illustrate how Elite is working to keep schedule backlogs low, here are a few stats on our recent staff hiring:

  • Recent Hires (within the past 12 months)
    • EMC test engineers:  7
    • ENV test engineers:  3
    • Support engineers:  2

Elite’s Total Employee Resources Available

  • Total Employees:  74
  • EMC Testing Department
    • Total EMC Test Engineers:  34
    • Total EMC Sr. Support Engineers:  10
    • Total Employees having iNarte Certification:  20
    • iNarte Certified Organization
  • Environmental Testing Department
    • Total ENV Test Engineers:  10
    • Total ENV Sr. Support Engineers: 5

Elite Electronic Engineering is committed to our vision of being the most trusted and capable engineering laboratory in the world. We’re working now and always to maintain our brand promise of providing technical expertise, scheduling flexibility to meet customer needs, and overall best value of services.