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April 22, 2016

Elite has been very active in participating in training and industry events including seminars and conferences that span a wide range of subjects.  Three interesting seminars we attended include the IoT North America, AEM Product Liability Seminar, and the TCB Council Workshop.

Internet of Things North America- Elite personnel attended the two-day event in Schaumburg IL which included conference sessions and exhibits with a wealth of information including:

  • Ingenu- Ingenu is creating a wireless network providing an M2M network based on RPMA technology to provide 2.4GHz license-free operation over significant distances. But other networks exist and new low-power unlicensed options are emerging for IoT. Over the next few years, it will be interesting to see how technology evolves and how markets respond. 
  • Google’s BigQuery-  In order to be successful with the IoT, businesses need to understand how to work with big data sets that will come from extensive sensor and information networks.
  • Security-  No doubt about it, there’s a sober understanding by engineers, managers, and entrepreneurs on the need to secure information and network access throughout the information chain.

Contact Steve Laya or Robert Bugielskfor additional discussion regarding this IoT event and for more information about regulatory requirements for wireless IoT.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Product Safety & Compliance Seminar-  

For two days Elite’s Steve Laya participated in technical seminars covering the essentials of product safety relating to agricultural, construction, and industrial machinery. The focus of the seminar was to describe the importance of procedures for conducting a risk assessment and risk reduction exercise. Standards such as ISO 12100 for general machine safety along with ISO 14121 for risk assessment were described.  Other seminar sessions keyed in on standards like ISO 25119 for safety-related controls on tractors.

The conference included a hands-on project using a mock machine where participants worked through the hazards analysis as a team and developed a risk assessment. The team members were given a role to play in a hazards analysis exercise (i.e. design engineer, service tech, marketing staff) and were allowed to present the project parameters and constraints to other team members so that the risks could be ranked and preventive measures developed.   

Contact Steve Laya for additional information on this AEM program and for more information on Elite’s role in the machinery safety evaluation process.  Our services and understanding of EMC testing for machinery are just one aspect of our capabilities. 

TCB Council Workshop-

Dan Crowder attended the annual TCB Council workshop in Baltimore, MD.  The sessions spanned four days and included a range of topics from general to very specific.  The first group of sessions covered the basics of FCC & IC rules as well as how to use FCC and TCB resources. Specific topics covered U-NII, 3650 MHz Band, and MIMO.

Several presentations came from NIST regarding Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) so that manufacturers can leverage testing that is done at one location for several purposes. Updates and the present status of the new European Union Radio Equipment Directive as well as information on Japan MIC, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Korea.

We have the latest information so contact Dan Crowder if you have a specific question to review.