New Photometry Lab Open Soon

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May 17, 2017

One of the most exciting additions at Elite’s new North Annex is a completely new service – Photometric Testing. It is the perfect complement to our proven EMC and Environmental testing services that we currently perform on lighting products and we are committed to delivering it with the same scheduling flexibility and customer service that you expect from Elite.

Recent innovations such as LEDs and wireless connectivity for IoT (Internet of Things) applications have increased the electrical complexity of lighting products with digital controls, power electronics, and transmitters. While those innovations dramatically reduce energy consumption, extend product life, and enhance illumination, they also increase the scope of compliance testing beyond the photometric performance of the luminaire. Today’s lighting products may require compliance with FCC emission limits, various CE Mark Directives, and water/dust Ingress Protection (IP). Elite can help you navigate the maze of compliance requirements to qualify your products and get them to market faster.

Starting in June, Elite will serve the complete compliance testing needs of lighting product manufacturers – covering EMC/EMI, electrical, environmental, and photometric requirements – in one location. Our new Photometry Lab is designed for automotive and aerospace lighting applications with the flexibility to accommodate most types of consumer and industrial applications as well. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art Type A goniophotometer and a 2-meter integrating sphere with enough room for even the largest luminaires. For LED testing per IES LM-79, our Type A goniophotometer can accurately simulate Type C geometry.

Elite’s Photometry Lab will be open in June, so contact us today to find out how we can complete all of your lighting product compliance testings in one location. Stay tuned next month for more on the final preparations of our new North Annex and how it will improve our ability to serve our customers’ needs with more testing capabilities, greater capacity, and shorter lead times.