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January 23, 2017

The European Union has released a draft implementing act for labeling radio equipment having service restrictions and for equipment requiring authorization (licensing). The draft was just recently issued and manufacturers have 60 days to respond with their input on the policy before the comments period ends on March 16th, 2017, after which the act will go into force.  

The label notification applies only to radio equipment that is subject to restrictions or licensing in at least one EU Member State. The notification format is a table pictogram having the abbreviations for the Member States where any restrictions or authorization requirements apply. The design includes a booklet alert sign intended to communicate to the end user the need to read the manual to review the device restrictions before use.

For most low-power wireless devices manufacturers can apply harmonized standards to comply with the Radio Equipment Directive. These harmonized standards specify the technical requirements including permitted frequency ranges, transmit power levels, and receiver operations. However, manufacturers still need to determine if any specific market or application restrictions exist for their product’s end use.

Transmitter restrictions for low-power devices can be found in ERC Recommendation 70 03. For example, Radio Microphones, Assistive Listening Devices, and Audio Multimedia Streaming System Annex 10 outlines allowable frequency bands, restrictions, and licensing. Radio Microphones operating at 1492-1518MHz are required to apply for an individual license and are restricted to indoor applications.

If you have a transmitter that you believe may have restrictions or license obligations, contact Elite for a review of your device application.

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