Restrictions for Wireless Transmitters

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August 23, 2016

The European Commission is finalizing specifications for the labeling on products that will indicate when a transmitter is restricted for use in certain countries. Since the RF spectrum in Europe is not fully harmonized, manufacturers of wireless transmitters must be aware of any unique country restrictions or special limitations for operations. Limitations for use of a transmitter may include operating on unauthorized frequency bands, output power levers that are lower than other EU countries, or shorter transmit duty cycles.

Only the Member States where a restriction exists will be identified on the label. The restriction itself does not have to go on the package but should be noted in the instruction manual. The label and its indication of a possible restriction are meant for the users that buy the product.

The final release of the implementing act specifying the use of this pictogram will come later in 2017. Elite will keep you posted on any updates or official release of the new regulation.