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April 27, 2021

Cellular radio modules are fast becoming the preferred choice for Wireless IoT connectivity. They provide excellent reach, coverage, and robust security. They also come in a broad range of module capabilities and network operator plans to suit nearly every unique application. Newer ultra-low power devices ensure long life in the field and radio module pricing is very competitive against other wireless technologies.  Still, despite these many advantages cellular IoT devices need to meet certain requirements before they can deploy to the market and connect to cellular networks.

All wireless RF IoT devices need to meet regulatory rules to ensure effective use of spectrum and limit interference to other devices. Additionally, cellular modules must meet industry and network operator requirements to confirm they use the cellular network properly and efficiently.

To ease the cellular compliance process, Elite experts offer technical guidance plus all the necessary testing and compliance services. We have an extensive in-house capability for cellular testing. Plus our best-in-class partner network optimizes specialty services such as PTCRB, GCF, NRTL, CB Scheme, and design consultancy.

Elite is a CTIA Authorized Test Lab for Over-The-Air (OTA) performance testing and is qualified to perform the required TRP and TIS measurements often mandatory for cellular applications. TRP and TIS are key cellulars and WiFi performance metrics. They describe the integration effect of the radio and antenna. These tests can present challenges to designers so Elite experts assist with pre-compliance OTA testing to ensure your design is on the right path and formal certification measurements with accepted results.

Elite’s value is key for Midwest regional IoT developers who benefit from the convenience of our nearby cellular test capabilities, but we serve all clients who seek a more accessible and responsive service partner. All-in-all, Elite clients benefit from attention, expertise, and convenience while minimizing costs. 

The cellular compliance to market process can be complex so count on Elite to simplify the process for you. Contact our experts today so we can help accelerate your IoT success.

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