Is Your Tech Gift FCC Compliant?

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December 19, 2018

Everyone loves getting new gadgets during the holiday season and the Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding with more connected devices available than ever before. “Smart Home” devices such as thermostats, light bulbs, and doorbells, are especially popular as gifts and they can deliver many benefits from energy efficiency to home security.

Since all of these devices incorporate wireless communication over WiFi or 4G LTE cellular networks, it is important to check that each device complies with applicable U.S. FCC requirements to safeguard against harmful radio frequency interference between all of your devices. Canada and Europe employ similar regulations through their ISED and CE Marking processes, respectively. It is the device manufacturer’s responsibility to test their products against FCC regulations and complete the certification process with an FCC-approved Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) like Elite.

Before you buy that new IoT gadget, be sure to review the label for FCC certification:

  1. All FCC-certified transmitters are required to have an FCC Identifier (FCC ID) which includes the “grantee code” assigned by the FCC and a unique product code assigned by the manufacturer.
  2. A label that states the FCC ID, company name and compliance statement must be included on all devices. It must be visible to the user at the time of purchase or first use. Displaying the FCC logo is optional.
  3. For small devices, the label may be placed in the user manual rather than on the outside of the device. Devices with electronic displays can also present an “e-label” in place of a physical label.
  4. Validate the certification by using the FCC ID Search tool. If the FCC ID is not listed in the database, the device may be counterfeit or falsely claim compliance with FCC regulations.

With these simple steps, you can be confident that your new gadget will not interfere with your other devices or malfunction as a result of outside interference.

Wireless and IoT device manufacturers rely on Elite to help navigate regulations, test for compliance, and complete certifications in one location. Contact us today to start the certification process for your next gadget.

Check out our eBooks on FCC Certification and CE Marking for additional guidance on global wireless testing and certification.