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The New Standard for Global Wireless Certifications

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December 9, 2019

Introducing Global Validity

The New Standard for Global Wireless Certifications

Accompanying the rapid growth of wirelessly connected devices is the increased complexity of regulations surrounding their testing and certification. Ever-evolving technology, non-harmonized global test standards, as well as unique country-to-country certification schemes create significant challenges and obstacles for manufacturers bringing new devices to market. Now there is a solution. 

To soften the burden of global compliance, Elite has teamed with Global Validity to bring its clients a new standard in wireless certification. Global Validity (GV) is a cloud-based compliance management tool that enables efficient and cost-effective certification services.

By connecting Elite’s customer-oriented test and certification know-how to the GV certification platform, manufacturers have access to best-in-class regulatory services for North America, Europe, and now for countries in every corner of the world.

The GV platform is an intuitively easy-to-use DIY certification management system to process global certifications directly. Certification requests, project management, and renewals are quick and easy. Alternatively for those who prefer support from Elite experts, our staff can utilize the GV platform on the client’s behalf enabling them to focus on development processes rather than certification management.

The advantages of the GV platform are immediately recognizable. First, GV puts clients in direct contact with in-country suppliers and compliance experts. The suppliers on the GV portal have the most current up-to-date knowledge of country-specific requirements and respond quickly to unique inquiries with qualified expertise.

The GV compliance portal manages, tracks, and reports the status of the certification process from start to finish, providing users with end-to-end transparency. Project information is always accessible wherever manufacturing teams are located and it enables compliance specialists and managers to track progress and take quick action as needed to reduce any impact on schedule or completion.

GV also provides a secure repository for regulatory documents as well as granted certificates. This certification lifecycle management tool provides alerts well in advance of expiration dates to allow ample time for certificate renewals. This one platform provides centralized storage of all project information, all client products, and for all countries.

There is no upfront cost for using the DIY platform. The best way to evaluate the utility of the GV platform is an online 30-minute demonstration of the tool. Contact Elite for more information on how to put this new process in place for your organization.