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February 15, 2017

An updated version of the Radio Equipment Official Journal has just been published. Manufacturers should review this new list to review the latest revision for the harmonized standards to apply for a European transmitter/receiver conformity assessment.   Recall that manufacturers can self-declare compliance with the RE-D if they apply a harmonized standard in full for their assessment. When a harmonized standard is not applied in full then manufacturers should apply other conformity assessment modules, for example, Module B Type-Examination.

First publications of standards include:

  • EN 300 422-1 V2.1.2   Wireless Microphones
  • EN 301 166 V2.1.1    Land Mobile Radios
  • EN 301 908-11 V11.1.2  CDMA UTRA FDD Repeaters
  • EN 301 908-15 V11.1.2  E-UTRA FDD Repeaters

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