Robert started in Elite's Automotive EMC Team, achieved iNARTE certification, brought his expertise to the Technical Sales Team, and recently earned his MBA. What did he learn from going back to school?

What is HALT HASS Testing?

What is HALT/HASS and why should you consider it to evaluate your prototypes and production parts?

What famous personality is this new employee related to?

Studying EMC? Apply now for the annual IEEE JCK Memorial Scholarship, in honor of our founder.

Two new chambers deliver more capacity and scheduling flexibility for Automotive, Commercial Aviation, and Military EMC/EMI Testing.

Find out how Elite's new sales engineer, Michael Cosentino, gets ready for his favorite pastime.

Elite President Ray Klouda provides insight into what is involved in actual testing to demonstrate compliance to design standards and meet regulatory requirements in both North America and the European Union (EU) as two major regions of the world.

Yes...but it depends. Find out how Elite test engineers and our Machining, Automation, and Controls team can create the test plan and automation solutions to quantify the reliability of your products.

Elite is now an ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory with 2 certified package technicians on staff to help plan and successfully execute your package test program. How much could you save by optimizing your package design and reducing transit damage to your products?

Learn something surprising about the new engineer in Elite's expanded Lighting and Photometry department, Jessica Kramer.

In an effort to provide lighting manufacturers a way to validate every aspect of their product in one location, we’re excited to announce the opening of our new photometric testing lab.

Learn something surprising about the front desk at Elite's new North Annex, Carrie Watson.

Elite's new North Annex is nearing completion with more testing capacity and new Photometry Lab to ensure success for our customers.

Elite Electronic Engineering is now a Notified Body for the European Union Radio Equipment Directive. With this credential, Elite regulatory experts can review a manufacturer’s technical documentation then issue a type approval certificate to support a declaration of compliance for wireless products marketed in Europe.

If your company makes wireless transmitters or receivers sold into the European Union, contact Elite to confirm your compliance steps for the RE-D CE Mark.