Enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency

U.S. Department of Defense photoTakeoff and landing gross weight limitations are vital to mission planning so knowing them before setting foot on the flight deck is invaluable. Elite’s preTOLD application brings accurate Takeoff and Landing Data (TOLD) planning capability to your Windows or iOS device to save time, enhance situational awareness, and improve the operational efficiency of your C-130H and C-130J fleet. By eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming hand calculations, crew members can quickly evaluate any scenario, complete a TOLD Card in seconds, and focus on their mission.

In partnership with Lockheed Martin, Elite developed C-130J preTOLD for iPad. It takes the TOLD planning capability of the Mission Computer (MC TOLD) off the flight deck and into the hands of crew members and planners. C-130J preTOLD has been validated against MC TOLD and is the only TOLD calculator approved by Lockheed Martin for use as a mission planning tool. For crew members, C-130J preTOLD adds pinpoint accuracy and confidence to preflight mission planning and enables operators to utilize the full capability of the C-130J every day.  

C-130 preTOLD is a stand-alone application that automates TOLD using the planning procedures and aircraft performance data from operator's technical publications. It computes all takeoff and landing gross weight limits and brake cooling times for landing to aid risk assessment. Elite can also customize preTOLD to incorporate unique operator procedures, limitations, and TOLD Card formats.

At Elite, we understand the importance of TOLD planning and its impact on mission effectiveness. Our experts applied skills gained from years of experience creating C-130 performance data and working with flight crews to ensure preTOLD gives you the data you need to accomplish your mission.

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Click here to view demonstration of C-130J preTOLD for iPad.


What do C-130 operators think of preTOLD?

In late 2014, we conducted a 60-day trial of the C-130H preTOLD app for iPad among several C-130 operators in the United States. The participants were current C-130 pilots, flight engineers, and instructors and they received access to the full features of preTOLD to use in parallel with their current TOLD planning process.

At the conclusion of the 60-day trial period, we surveyed the participants and 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with these statements regarding their experience with the C-130H preTOLD app for iPad:

  • Using the app significantly reduced the time and workload required to complete TOLD planning.
  • Using the app improved my situational awareness and decision-making abilities.
  • The calculation results were accurate relative to my current manual procedures.
  • I was able to learn and effectively use the app quickly and without dedicated training.
  • The user interface was intuitive and easy to use.
  • I would use the app in my daily flight planning activities.

The survey results also proved that C-130H preTOLD has the capabilities to meet users’ most important flight planning needs, such as maximum gross weight limitations, climb-out gradient/obstacle calculations, and a formatted TOLD Card. 

The results are in. C-130H preTOLD delivers substantial benefits that save time, reduce workload, and improve situational awareness for flight crews every day.

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Benefits of C-130 preTOLD

  • Automate and enhance TOLD planning to save time and reduce crew workload
  • Enable maximum payload capability by pinpointing weight limitations
  • Improve flight safety with repeatable, standardized TOLD results
  • Support training of TOLD planning to pilots, flight engineers, and planners
  • Quickly evaluate multiple airfields, diversions, and "what-if" scenarios
  • Optimize takeoff power settings to extend engine life (C-130H)
  • Present results in tailored TOLD Card format
  • Save and recall input scenarios or export results for e-mail, print, etc.
  • Customize to incorporate unique operator publications, procedures, and limitations

Do you use different publications or EFB devices? Contact us to find out how we can tailor C-130 preTOLD for your operations.


 Features - C-130J preTOLD

  • Version 2.3 complete for PC and iPad, now available
  • Click here to view demonstration of C-130J preTOLD for iPad.
  • Only tool reviewed and approved by Lockheed Martin for technical accuracy and overall functionality
  • Delivers advisory data validated against USAF Block 6.0 Mission Computer
  • Includes fixes for mitigations in technical publication supplements
  • Computes all limiting gross weights for takeoff and landing, including gradient and obstacle clearance, for improved risk assessment
  • TOLD Card view mirrors CNI display onboard C-130J with export to PDF format



Features - C-130H preTOLD

  • Version 2.0 complete for PC and iPad, now available
  • Delivers advisory data consistent with U.S. Air Force Performance Manual (USAF-1-1) data and planning procedures
  • Computes all limiting gross weights for takeoff and landing, including gradient and obstacle clearance, for improved risk assessment
  • Export results in familiar TOLD Card format for display or distribution
  • PC and iPad versions utilize a common calculation model for standardized results across platforms
  • View TOLD Card within app or export to other document viewer or email apps



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