Full-service design and manufacturing for accelerated stress testing

For environmental stress testing, unique equipment is required to secure products to vibration and shock machines and cycle stress applications. Elite can design and build custom fixtures that ensure compatibility with our machines and alignment with your testing schedule. Reliability test programs typically involve life-cycle testing and Elite can develop the test plans and the machines required to manipulate the product under test. Getting it all done in one place by our experts saves you time and you can be confident in the results.

We design fixtures and automation equipment specifically for your product that simulate its real-world installation. The equipment is also built to survive the harsh test environment without interfering with normal product operation. Either repeated operation of the product or application of required stresses can be automated.

Vibration and shock testing requires products to be securely attached to test equipment. Our experts can design and build unique fixtures that are compatible with your product as well as our vibration and shock tables.

Customized equipment is required to automate product operation for life-cycle and reliability testing. Elite can design, program, and assemble the machines necessary to cycle any product or stress application.

Evaluate and predict product reliability by exposing it to simulated environmental conditions. Elite manages entire life-cycle test programs to ensure timely and successful completion.