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For electronics and equipment used in consumer and industrial applications, government regulations exist to safeguard users from electrical hazards and to limit radio frequency interference. These regulations are quite varied and depend on the type of equipment and applications, the environments where they’re used, along the countries where the products are sold.

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North America

In North America, most consumer goods must comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations specified by the FCC and Industry Canada. These requirements cover digital devices and/or intentional radiators like wireless transmitters. Similar EMC requirements exist for industrial equipment but with a few exemptions that are based on product usage.

Digital Devices For digital devices FCC Part 15B and Canadian ICES-003 regulations for unintentional radiators mandate compliance with conducted and radiated emissions limits. Digital devices are assessed through the equipment authorization process called verification or Declaration of Conformity.

Wireless Devices Intentional transmitters like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee transmitters along with higher power two-way radios and cellular/PCS devices must be tested and certified for spectrum usage before they’re placed on the market. The transmitter compliance regulations can be complicated, and the process to complete certification requires planning and a good understanding of the requirements.

For digital devices and transmitters, Elite can provide regulatory assistance, testing, and certification in one complete turn-key process. We can even extend the market reach of your products into Europe and elsewhere through our CE testing capabilities and global compliance services.

European Union and International

Compliance with the CE Marking directives is required before the product can be placed in any European country. In addition, many other countries around the world establish requirements, standards, and tests that are either the same or similar to those prescribed for the CE Mark.

Conformity assessment for Europe is a manufacturer self-declaration and it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer or person placing the product in the European market to comply with all the applicable directives.

Elite’s experience with the European Union extends to the following suite of European Union requirements:

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