Wireless and IoT Test and Engineering Services

Wireless technology is evolving at lightning speed and with a range of applications that touch every aspect of our lives. But for wireless technology to work effectively and legally, there are performance, reliability, and regulatory requirements that have to be met before the product can be placed on the market in the United States and around the world.


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> Download our "Guide to Antenna and OTA Measurements" for everything you need to know about key antenna performance metrics.

To help you through the process, rely on Elite’s compliance experts to guide your wireless product and company through the maze of regulations and test requirements. With integrated test and certification services, we can get you market access around the world.

Get your products to market quickly

Our extensive facilities, credentials, and expertise combine to provide one point of contact for testing, certification, and global compliance to save time and cost.

  • Complete international compliance under one roof

Global partners for all aspects of compliance

  • Regulatory guidance from our compliance experts
  • Pre-compliance testing
  • EMC mitigation and troubleshooting
  • Electrical safety and Low Voltage Directive evaluations
  • Country-specific certifications and approvals

CTIA Over-The-Air (OTA) Antenna Performance

As a CTIA Authorized Testing Lab (CATL), our wireless specialists actively participate in several CTIA working groups to advance wireless testing methods and support international standards developed to align with the latest technology.

We provide Over-The-Air (OTA) Performance Testing for Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Converged Devices in support of CTIA Certification. We also provide 3D antenna pattern mapping

Learn more about our CATL authorization and antenna performance testing.

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