Elite Webinar: Wireless Regulatory Updates


Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Online (GoToMeeting)


Steve Laya - Regulatory Compliance Expert / Sales and Marketing Manager

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Join us for a 30-minute regulatory updates webinar on Tuesday, December 15, 12:00PM (CST). Stay current with the latest news covering regulatory rules and requirements for wireless-enabled devices and digital devices. The information shared by Elite comes from recent TCB Council and European Union REDCA meetings held remotely in October 2020.

The bi-annual TCB Council/REDCA technical conferences cover 5 days of presentations on a wide range of compliance topics. We will condense the information down to the highlights that Elite's customers need to know. The goal is to keep you informed at a high level, point you to important resources, and help you stay on top with your compliance processes. A few of the webinar highlights include:  

  • Brexit -  How to transition your CE Marked product to the new UK requirements.
  • Updated Standards - What’s new in North America and the EU.
  • Module-Host Integration - Latest guidance documents for FCC and the EU.
  • Risk Assessments - More definition on this requirement.
  • REDCA.eu - New Technical Guidance Notes (TGNs) provide better compliance guidance for designers and manufacturers. 

The webinar will be brief at 30 minutes and will include time for questions at the conclusion.

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