From RFQ to Final Report and Invoice

We look forward to working with you to successfully complete your program requirements. Here is a typical sequence of events including the responsible points of contact at each step. Please note that not all steps may apply, some additional steps may be required, some steps may be done in a different sequence than shown, some steps may be done in parallel, and some steps may be completed by someone other than the person identified. Please contact the following managers for assistance if additional information is needed at any point in this process.

Manager Contacts

Main Phone:  +1 (630) 495-9770

Manager Role Name Ext
Accounting and Finance Elaine Russo 159
Quality Assurance Robert Bugielski 168
Sales and Marketing Steve Laya 119
EMC Lab Craig Fanning 112
Environmental Lab John Lindberg 157
FAA Program Administrator Brad DeGrave 107
Fixturing and Automation Todd Bruhl 153
Program and Scheduling Adam Rohman 139
Shipping and Receiving Dan O'Donnell 170
General Sales and Lab Tours Michael Cosentino 149

Process Steps

  1. Client submits a Request for Quote to Elite via online form or email.
  2. Client and Elite execute an NDA, if required by client.
  3. Elite Application/Sales Engineer reviews the provided information and prepares quote(s).
  4. Client reviews quote(s) and provides feedback as needed.
  5. For new clients, client and Elite Finance Manager exchange company information to set up each other’s supplier/vendor accounts.
  6. Client issues a purchase order or provides a credit card to Elite Finance Manager.
  7. Elite Program and Scheduling Manager coordinates with client on readiness and availability to schedule the testing.
  8. An Elite Team Leader or Technical Specialist initiates a pre-test preparation process which includes reviewing all information on file, identifying any gaps in the provided setup or test information, and scheduling a test readiness review meeting with the client.
  9. Client ships or delivers test item and support equipment to Elite. The shipping address and contact with be provided by Elite Scheduling Manager.
  10. Elite Test Engineer/Technician conducts the testing and reviews data/results with the client.
  11. Elite Test Engineer/Technician sends data to the client and/or writes and submits a formal test report for review.
  12. An Approved Elite Signatory reviews and approves the report, readies it for final processing and delivery to the client via the approved transmission method and to the designated recipient(s).
  13. Elite creates and sends the invoice to the client via the agreed upon transmission method.
  14. Client reviews the report and provides feedback (if necessary) to the Elite test personnel that performed the test.
  15. Client pays the invoice within the agreed upon payment terms.

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