Stanley D. Dolecki

Mr. Dolecki is Elite’s Automotive and Heavy Vehicle Test Team leader. In addition to his technical and leadership responsibilities for the group, he is also responsible for automotive test laboratory recognition required by General Motors, Ford, FCA, and A2LA. Mr. Dolecki works with internal test capability development, test setup and test stand design, works on all automotive correlation and characterization efforts, and reviews and critiques OEM/company internal test specifications. Stan also writes test plans and has authored several company internal EMC testing guidelines and specifications. Mr. Dolecki performs on-site consulting to troubleshoot EMC problems, developing ways to simulate issues seen in the field, designing test suites and writing test plans to help customers achieve their EMC compliance goals. He also works with Elite’s safety group and software development groups. Mr. Dolecki received his Electrical Engineering degree from DeVry University B.S.E.E.T. (1989). He is also an iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer.

Automotive EMC Test Team Leader

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