Consistent test results with custom automation equipment

Reliability, durability, and life-cycle testing require mechanical and electrical cycling of the device under test. Customized automation equipment mechanically and/or electrically cycles the device under test through a range of motions, functions, and operations for a specified duration. Elite can design, program, and assemble the machines and support equipment necessary to cycle motions and apply accelerated stresses of all types.

Check out this video of one of Elite's custom automation solutions.

Elite's specialized machines and systems are custom-designed for the application to provide clients with a completely turn-key test solution. They are built to survive in the testing environment without interfering with the application of the required stresses. Equipment can also be designed to acquire specific data from the device under test.

Elite's customized test automation solutions include:

  • Motion cycling and kinematics using pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical actuators
  • Voltage & current cycling systems that range from low-level DC up to 480VAC
  • Data acquisition and monitoring to capture temperature, voltage, current, cycle count, torque, force, and other performance measures
  • Operations in extreme temperature, vibration, or other environments
  • Use of Elite equipment, or design automation for client use and ownership

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