Hit the mark for the European market

The EMC Directive 2014/30/EU is the European regulation for restricting unwanted radiofrequency emissions from electronic devices.  It also requires that electronics operate in their environment unaffected by (and with immunity to) RF and other electrical threats. 

The EMC Directive has now been in force for nearly 20 years and it continues to set the regulatory compliance bar for manufacturers and importers of electronic equipment in Europe.  And right from the start of this important regulatory obligation, Elite has been involved helping its clients get their products through the CE Mark conformity process.    

We utilize the latest instrumentation and automation to accurately and cost effectively determine a product’s performance against the harmonized European standards. We have two indoor 3-meter anechoic chambers which means we can be ready and available for testing when our clients need lab time.  Plus in our whole vehicle chamber we can test large machinery, agricultural equipment, and other systems easily and cost effectively.   

Contact us today to start your EMC Directive compliance testing.

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