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The electromagnetic spectrum is a finite and limited resource.  It’s also a sovereign resource and each independent country manages its own spectrum to enable efficient communication for its citizens. Electronic products and specifically wireless products need to comply with country-specific rules and conformity assessment procedures before being allowed to operate in country. This means that with approximately 200 unique nations worldwide, achieving global compliance for a wireless device can be challenging.  

The process of achieving global certification for a wireless device can be lengthy and expensive. Each country relies on its own conformity assessment scheme and the rules and processes are not typically harmonized globally.  Most require a certification fee to transmit within their borders and some national spectrum agencies will only accept in-country test reports. Plus in many instances the procedures and processes are not available in English and with the kind of guidance to make the process straightforward. 

At Elite, we make it our job to get clients global compliance in the markets they need. We do so quickly, ethically, and in the most cost-effective manner possible with our compliance partners Global Validity.

Rely upon Elite, and Global Validity, as your global compliance team.  You can trust us to get your products to market.

Contact us today to open up the gloabl market for your products.

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