Compliance for wireless transceivers of all types

The Radio Equipment Directive is the European regulation for wireless radio frequency transmitters and telephone equipment. This legislation provides the foundation for enabling all communications over radio waves and through traditional telephone systems. 

The Directive and harmonized Euro Norm ETSI standards provide the rules and regulations that define how wireless transmitters utilize spectrum.  This includes setting limits and performance characteristics for:

  • Maximum output power level 
  • Signal bandwidth
  • Spread spectrum operations 
  • Spurious emissions  
  • Receiver operations 
  • Adaptivity 

Elite has the equipment and expertise for these tests. We have knowledge of the regulations and we can help clients achieve market access for their products in the shortest time possible. 

  • Testing for all ETSI EN standards 
  • Elite is a Notified Body for the RE Directive and we provide conformity Opinion services. 
  • FCC and Canada test and certification 
  • Global certification services through one company. 

Check Related Documentation for the Guide to the RE Directive.