Consulting & antenna testing services to optimize design and performance.

Antennas are everywhere. They are the critical component necessary to transmit and receive information over various types of wireless connections. With so many diverse applications and form factors, antennas must be tailored to provide maximum performance within tight size, weight, and power constraints.

In addition to our EMC and Environmental Stress testing capabilities for antennas, Elite has two partners that can provide the design consulting and antenna testing services necessary to build high-performance antennas for any application.



Expert antenna and wireless system design consulting

Since 2010, Nick Buris, Ph.D., has headed NEBENS, providing wireless system consulting and design services for several industrial and government clients including:

  • MIMO antenna system design
  • Traditional antenna design
  • Electromagnetic modeling & simulation
  • Phased arrays
  • RF circuits and RF propagation
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • Interference and system coexistence

Antenna design consultingNEBENS developed their MIMObit software package for researchers and designers to analyze networks of multi-antenna systems in a variety of propagation environments. It helps identify spectrum utilization, throughput, and potential interference early in the design phase.

Mr. Buris was selected as an IEEE Fellow in 2009 for contributions to electromagnetic design automation and multidisciplinary optimization of complex wireless communications problems. Previously, he worked for Motorola leading various projects on cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi antennas, RFIDs, satellite radio, RF propagation in complex media, electromechanical systems and optimization, as well as wireless system modeling and simulation. He was also a Professor at North Carolina State University and University of Massachusetts at Amherst specializing in antenna systems and phased arrays.


Mobile Mark, Inc.

Antenna testing serviceFull-service Antenna Performance Testing

Mobile Mark has years of experience designing unique antenna solutions and is now offering its antenna testing services to Elite customers who have their own requirements. Mobile Mark’s Engineering Technical Center in Itasca, IL, provides several levels of service with assistance from test technicians and antenna design engineers. Typical projects include assisting with product modifications or customer designs, evaluating the performance matching between antenna and modem, or characterizing antenna patterns while installed in an enclosure.

Their fully equipped testing facility includes:

  • New, enlarged, anechoic chamber
  • Accommodations for test items up to 250 lbs. and up to 6-feet long, including enclosures
  • Fully-equipped machine shop including CNC, over-molding, and sonic welding machines to build samples or customer test fixtures

Antenna Characterization data and reports include:

  • Impedance testing
  • 2D and 3D radiation patterns with 5-degree resolution


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