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TOLD planning is a critical step in the flight planning process and a thorough understanding of the data and procedures is necessary to unlock maximum aircraft capability while minimizing risk. Elite’s C-130J TOLD Pilot Training Course goes beyond the standard pilot training curriculum to impart a deeper understanding of C-130J TOLD data and planning procedures. Aligning crew actions with the assumptions built into the TOLD performance data improves decision-making and ensures safe, efficient flight operations.

The course begins with an overview of the engineering concepts and underlying assumptions employed in the performance data development process along with the pertinent regulations. With that foundation, the scheduled performance data in the Flight Manual is reviewed with a focused discussion on the application of those data in the Mission Computer calculations (MC TOLD), including detailed input/output instructions and system limitations.

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  • Closes the knowledge gap for C-130J pilots related to TOLD so they can plan missions with confidence, improve flight safety, and maximize the capability of their aircraft
  • An in-depth explanation of Flight Manual Performance Data, including how it is developed, presented and applied during TOLD planning
  • Resolves persistent questions related to MC TOLD calculations and results


  • 1-day, instructor-led course accompanied by a rich presentation full of visual aids and examples
  • Classroom instruction is conducted at the customer location with up to 10 students per class
  • Hard copies of training materials are provided to all students for future reference


  • All courses are taught by our C-130J TOLD subject matter expert, Kevin Halpin.
  • Mr. Halpin developed the course after years of experience at Lockheed Martin working directly with C-130J flight crews to improve and clarify Flight Manual Performance Data and procedures
  • Further experience with C-130E/H/J performance analysis, technical publication development, mission planning software development, and flight test planning/data analysis


Use of military imagery does not imply or constitute an endorsement of Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc., its products, or services by the U.S. Department of Defense.

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