EMC Troubleshooting, Consulting, and Design Solutions

If you need consulting and engineering expertise to help with your product development efforts, contact an Elite sales person with a description of your needs and we will work to match you with one of our trusted partners.

Elite EMC Troubleshooting

While testing is underway, senior Elite EMC engineers are available to provide troubleshooting assistance. We have an ample collection of "sniffer" probes and antennas, receivers, and oscilloscopes as well as power line filters, capacitors, inductors, shielding materials, and assorted ferrite elements. Our goal in the lab is to provide the tools necessary for clients to quickly narrow down potential sources of EMI problems.

For technical consulting and design solutions, we refer clients to Mr. Jerry Meyerhoff at JDM Labs. Elite’s partnership with Mr. Meyerhoff brings over 30 years of leading-edge electronics design, EMC troubleshooting, and signal integrity expertise to assist our clients. Jerry is local to Elite which means his services can often be made available on short notice. Clients work directly with Jerry to identify EMI issues and develop potential design solutions.

Mr. Jerry Meyerhoff – JDM Labs, LLC

BSEE UIC, Post-Grad IIT, IEEE EMC Society Training, Motorola Quality & Six Sigma

With over 3 decades of experience in automotive, industrial, and commercial manufacturing applications, Mr. Meyerhoff offers extensive knowledge in the design and control of RF and EMC effects in analog systems, digital systems, and motors. He approaches each problem in a systematic manner using creative and structured innovation methodologies.

Overview of JDM Consulting Processes

  • Access Situation
  • Analyze Technologies
  • Plan Work-Tasks
  • Model & Simulate
  • Execute: Hands-On/Team-leading
  • Report & Recommend
  • Validate Optimal Approaches
  • Create Lessons-Learned Bank
  • Train Staff

Phone: 847-630-2769
Email: jerrymeyerhoff@ieee.org
Contact us for more information on JDM Labs consulting services.

Third Party EMC Consulting Services

Elite has established relationships with other independent EMC consultants as well. Our EMC consultant partners are the recognized experts in this field. These firms regularly provide independent training seminars at several times throughout the year.

E3 Compliance

Grand Rapids, MI
Phone: 616-795-8223
Contact: Scott Mee

EMC4pcb Consulting, LLC

1530 Plantation Circle, Lincolnton, GA 30817
Phone: 248-330-4990
Contact: Carl Szasz

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