Enlist Our Trusted Partners To Find The Cause And Offer Solutions

When product failures occur during testing, it takes expert analysis to track down the root cause and define corrective actions. Elite’s engineers can identify major failure modes, but we turn to our trusted partners when a more in-depth investigation is required. From material fractures to manufacturing process issues and quality control, we can connect you with the right experts and resources.

We have developed relationships with several laboratories that specialize in failure analysis and manage direct interaction with them for you. These partners have demonstrated our same commitment to quality and integrity so you can get reliable answers with a quick turnaround.

Contact Elite or one of our partners directly to learn more about their failure analysis services.

Failure Analysis and Organic Materials Analysis Laboratory

Advanced Materials Center, Inc.

Ottawa, IL

Contact: Ron Walling

Advanced Materials Center, Inc. is an independent laboratory providing a wide range of unique services including consulting polymer formulation & synthesis, physical & chemical testing, materials analysis, DSC Thermal Analysis, Spectrophotometry (UV, VIS, Infrared/FTIR, ATR, MIR)

Ron Walling founded the Advanced Materials Center in 1989. Previously he was the Plastics Consultant, Product Engineer, and Manager of Industrial Marketing for Sears Roebuck - Sears Laboratories. Ron holds an MS degree from Marquette University in Inorganic Chemistry and a BS degree in Chemical Engineering.

Failure Analysis and Metallurgical Laboratory

Materials Engineering Incorporated

Virgil, IL

Contact: Bill Durako

Materials Engineering, Inc., located in northern Illinois, is an independent material and metallurgical engineering consulting firm and an A2LA accredited testing laboratory. With a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory, including scanning electron microscope, EDS with light element detection, metallography, microhardness, photography, and video capabilities, MEI can provide failure analysis, process analysis, QC inspection, contamination identification, and many other materials-related services.

Bill Durako is the chief scientist. He holds 2 patents and is the author of 17 papers and technical presentations.

Acoustic Imaging Failure Analysis

Sonoscan Inc.

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Contact: Michelle Forbes

SonoLab, a division of Sonoscan, is the world’s largest inspection service specializing in Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology. Sonoscan's advanced AMI technology is relied upon for nondestructive inspection and analysis to find defects in a wide range of samples—wherever the bonding between layers or the integrity of the materials themselves is of critical importance. Ultra-high frequency ultrasound detects delaminations, cracks, voids, and porosity better than any other inspection method.

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