Simulate Real-World Conditions For Optimal Product Design

Elite has been testing and evaluating new products of all shapes, sizes, and applications since 1954. Why not tap into our 60 years of test and engineering expertise to help you improve the reliability of your product? Elite can tailor engineering services to support the specific needs of your product development effort. We can also provide a full suite of services that comprise a comprehensive reliability program, the results of which will optimize the design, affordability, and ruggedness of your new product.

For our comprehensive reliability services, we assign an experienced Elite program manager to assure that your product is tested correctly and efficiently from start through completion. Our program manager will coordinate all phases of the project and communicate regularly on the status and any issues as they evolve.


The following program is a typical outline of an Elite-managed reliability services program. Our engineers can provide part or all these services depending on your needs:



Client provides to Elite the following information:

  • Overall reliability goals and objectives
  • Product design specification and drawings
  • Literature and brochures
  • Intended markets and end-user requirements
  • FMEA & other reliability inputs
  • Define budget and schedule
  • Elite assigns a reliability Program Manager
  • Elite performs electrical & EMC design review
  • Elite acquires field data for vibration, shock, and climatic conditions.
  • Elite develops test plan and reliability plans around client information
  • Client & Elite review reliability goals, product validation goals, and approve the test plan.
  • Elite designs and builds Life Cycling Fixtures
  • Elite designs and builds Vibe & Shock Tooling
  • Elite develops support equipment for monitoring and test control
  • Elite performs early design evaluation testing, including HALT/HASS, initial electrical and EMC tests
  • Elite performs formal validation testing
  • Elite performs accelerated life testing
  • Failure Report & Corrective Action (FRACAS)
  • Formal EMC & Environmental test reports
  • Elite prepares final reliability metrics and assessment and issues a program summary

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