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When it comes to the accurate and repeatable evaluation of electrical connector performance, Elite has the equipment and expertise to provide the results. Elite can comprehensively test the connector assembly, cable/connector interface and connector/contact interface to meet a variety of industry specifications, such as USCAR2, USCAR21, GMW 3191, MIL-STD-1344A (EIA-364), IEC 60512, and many others. Our in-house machine shop can also design and fabricate custom fixtures and force application tools to support testing.

Mechanical Testing

  • Insertion/Extraction Force
  • Retention Force
  • Contact Insertion/Extraction
  • Terminal Pull and Peel 
  • Cyclic Fatigue Loading
  • Axial and Lateral Bending
  • Cable Pulling

Vibration and Shock Testing 

  • Sine or Random Vibration
  • Mechanical Shock 
  • HALT Vibration to evaluate fretting corrosion 
  • Chatter and discontinuity detection

Electrical Testing 

  • Current Cycling
  • Voltage Drop
  • Continuity 
  • Contact Resistance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Temperature Rise with high current 

RF Connector Testing

  • Shielding Effectiveness
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)
  • Insertion Loss

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