Development, Performance, And Simulation Testing For Packaged Products

Elite provides development, performance, and simulation testing for packaged products to ensure they are delivered intact and ready for use. We are certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) as a Commercial testing laboratory. As an independent laboratory, we offer an unbiased examination of your packaged products to boost confidence in their survivability, no matter the distribution environment. When you choose Elite, you can qualify your products and their packaging in one location.

Why test your packaged products?

Consumers increasingly prefer home delivery of their puchases and expect them to arrive damage-free. For manufacturers, shippers, and package designers, that means more time spent in transit - and more opportunities for damage. Performance and simulation testing demonstrates the damage tolerance of your packaging and saves cost throughout distribution. Shippers can also participate in the ISTA "Transit Tested" Program to reduce insurance costs with major carriers.

  • Optimize packaging size and weight to control freight costs
  • Reduce product replacement and warranty repair costs due to damage in transit
  • Minimize insurance cost through carriers
  • Faster insurance claim resolution when damage does occur
  • Eliminate bulk and waste without compromising integrity performance

Expertise and capability for trusted results

ISTA Test Series cover 4 main distribution hazards: Handling Drop and Impact, Transportation Vibration, Stacking Load, and Atmospheric Conditions. Elite has the personnel and equipment to accurately simulate them all.

  • ISTA Certified Laboratory and ISO 17025 accreditation
  • ISTA 6 Amazon Testing Services for Overboxing and Ships-In-Own-Container (SIOC)
  • Drop Tester - up to 100 lb parcels and 2000 lb pallets
  • Vertical and Rotary Vibration - packages up to 5 feet wide
  • Temperature/Humidity Chambers - multiple chambers sized for small packages up to large crates and pallets
  • Random Vibration and Dynamic Load - 5 shakers with up to 3 inch displacement and 25,000 force-pounds

Contact us today to start delivering your packaged products damage-free at lower cost.

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