Environmental Stress Testing

Material & Tensile Testing

Elite is equipped to evaluate material properties and performance for various types of metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

Elite’s Trusted Laboratory Offers Full Material Testing Services

Material and tensile testing play a vital role in ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of products and structures across various industries. They are essential tools for both quality control and materials research, contributing to the advancement of technology and the improvement of products and processes. Elite’s services help manufacturers identify any defects or inconsistencies in materials before they are used in the production process, reducing the risk of product failures and consistently meeting specified standards.

Elite's Unique Material & Tensile Services

  • Automotive – Manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and heavy-duty agricultural equipment have strict quality requirements for every component. Elite’s experts verify the mechanical properties of your components, cables, and connectors, and our results are accepted by automotive OEMs around the world.
  • Aerospace –Elite is equipped to test mechanical components, cables, connectors, and wiring to ensure they withstand the high-stress environment of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Our extensive experience with RTCA DO-160 conformity testing ensures your hardware is proven and ready for flight.


Our Material, Tensile and Fatigue Testing Machines

For large static testing loads and for fatigue cycling, we use servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machines (UTMs) equipped with hydraulic grips for securing test items. We can also design and fabricate customized plates and fixtures to support compression, bending, flexure, and peel tests for your products. For small force measurements, we can apply tensile, and compression loads with up to 1% accuracy for the following load cells and electro-mechanical load frames:

  • 225 lbs. (1000N)
  • 22.5 lbs. (100N)
  • 12.0 lbs. (50N)
  • 2.25 lbs. (10N)
  • Tensile/Compression – Destructive tests that measure a sample’s yield and tensile strength as well as its ductility. Our experienced engineers utilize the latest tensile testing machines, to perform tensile tests to meet your requirements:
    • Most metals and polymers
    • Small fasteners to large tubing and bolts
    • Wedge & axial tension
    • Full-size yield strength of fasteners
    • Machined specimens
    • Full-size tubing
    • Full-size rebar
    • Elevated temperature tensile testing for high performance materials
    • Tensile testing of welds and castings
  • Bending/Flexure – For structural and reinforcement components, flexure tests the performance of a sample to withstand stress without sagging, fracturing, or displacing.
  • Shear/Peel – Static and cyclic shear and peel strength testing helps to assess the fastening properties of adhesives and fasteners on finished products.
  • Fatigue –With cycling capabilities up to 100Hz and the ability to apply loads up to 55,000 lb, Elite’s load frames provide cycle testing of various materials, printed circuit boards, and other finished products under real-world conditions to ensure they will meet their expected design life.
  • Corrosion – Outdoor applications require resistance to corrosion from salt water and other factors. Elite is accredited to perform corrosion testing of material samples or products in accordance with ASTM B117, MIL-STD-810RTCA DO-160, and other standards.
  • Flammability – Resistance to combustion and flammability is an important safety consideration for panels, wiring, and other components in automotive and aerospace applications. Elite is accredited to perform flammability and burn rate tests in accordance with RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD-202, and FMVSS 302.

Material & Tensile Capabilities


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Our Material and Tensile Specialists

Among the fundamental tests for a product design is the performance of its materials. Metals, plastics, and other materials are tested at Elite by its skilled mechanical testing team. When independent testing results are needed to confirm a material’s suitability, Elite’s experts are there to provide those trusted results.

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Technical Sales Engineer

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Senior Mechanical Engineer / Machinist

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Technical Sales / Senior Environmental Engineer

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