Shock and Vibration Testing Services


With eight vibration tables boasting capacities of up to 28,000 pounds of vector force and mechanical shock test machines capable of producing pulses in excess of 30,000Gs, our shock and vibration testing equipment are up to the challenge. We can accommodate large test items

 and test multiple samples together to save time and cost. Our Machining, Automation, and Controls (MAC) team can design, analyze and build custom fixtures to support testing of any product and guarantee compatibility with our shaker tables. We have the machinery, technology, and expertise to ensure quick and accurate results tailored to your requirements.

Vibration & Shock Testing Standards

We are ISO 17025 accredited to perform vibration testing at our Downers Grove, IL, laboratory in accordance with the following industry standards:

Military and Commercial Aerospace

Automotive, Marine and Railway

  • SAE J1455
  • SAE J575
  • GMW 3172
  • USCAR-2
  • ISO 16750
  • IACS-E10
  • IEC 61373

Electronic Equipment and Lighting

  • IEC 60068-2
  • IEC 60255-21-1
  • ANSI C136.31 Roadway and Area Lighting - Luminaire Vibration

ISTA 2A Certified Testing Laboratory for Product Packaging

Vibration and shock testing profiles should be tailored to your product and application whenever possible, so we can create and perform custom profiles based on your specific requirements – including collection and replication of field vibration data.

Vibration & Shock Test Equipment

Whether you need sine, random (not sure which one? Click here), or any other vibration testing service performed, we have eight tables that can also be configured with temperature and humidity cycling:

Complete Test Equipment Details

Vibration Testing

  • D02 - 20,000 lbf, 2.0 in. displacement, 36 in. x 36 in. slip table
  • D04 - 25,000 lbf, 3.0 in. displacement, 48 in. x 48 in. slip table
  • D06 - 20,000 lbf, 2.0 in. displacement, 36 in. x 36 in. slip table
  • D07 - 400 lbf, up to 5,000 Hz
  • D08 - 17,000 lbf, 3.0 in. displacement, 32 in. x 32 in. slip table
  • D09 - 25,000 lbf, 3.0 in. displacement, 36 in. x 36 in. slip table
  • D10 - 6,800 lbf, 3.0 in. displacement, 24 in. x 24 in. slip table, integrated Temperature/Humidity chamber
  • D111 - 28,000 lbf, 4.0 in. displacement, 60 in. x 60 in. slip table, 4,400 lb total payload
  • HALT - 100Grms, wth temp cycling. 32 in. x 32 in. table

Mechanical Shock Tests

  • D13 -  3,000g's/0.5ms to 10g's/100msec Half-sine (saw-tooth at lower levels)
  • D12 -  30,000g's/0.02ms Half-sine (saw-tooth at lower levels)
  • HALT - 1500g's synchronized shock up to 25Hz

Package Vibration Testing

Cam-operated bounce test for transportation evaluation of ISTA requirements.

Shock and Vibration Testing Services

SRS or Trapezoid Classical Wave Shapes

Using the largest equipment available in our vibration testing lab, Elite can conduct Shock Response Spectrum mechanical shock testing commonly specified for MIL-STD-810 requirements.

Kurtosis Control

This vibration control scheme has been developed through the work of Vibration Research Corporation. VRC “Kurtosion” software incorporates high peak acceleration levels (greater than three sigma) to produce vibration testing more representative of the true vibration environment.

Field Data Collection and Replication

Elite engineers can travel on-site to record the actual vibration environment. We utilize hardened field data recorders with multi-channel accelerometer inputs to capture vibration amplitudes and frequency characteristics. Once measurements are complete, we return to the laboratory to replay the recorded field data at increased amplitudes to accelerate fatigue stresses.

Custom Test Fixtures

Elite's Machining, Automation, and Controls (MAC) team includes a design engineer and a full-time machinist dedicated to designing, analyzing, and building test fixtures tailored to any product. Fixtures are a critical component vibration and shock testing to accurately simulate real-world product installation and transmit mechanical energy without interference. Our MAC team has the expertise to build what you need and collaborate with our test engineers to deliver it quickly. This integrated service streamlines planning and preparation for our customers and reduce schedule risk.

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