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Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc., is accepted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Third-Party Certification Body for all types of airport lighting equipment (L-types). Our expansive qualification testing capabilities and product certification expertise make Elite the ideal partner for airport lighting equipment manufacturers. We know that certification is a major undertaking so our team is ready to guide you through the process. We build collaborative relationships through customer service and open communication to complete certification efficiently and help our customers meet their goals.

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In 1995, the U.S. FAA established the Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program (ALECP) to accept commercial testing laboratories as third-party certification bodies by demonstrating compliance with the criteria specified in AC 150/5345-53D. The goal of ALECP is to provide airport lighting manufacturers with a list of accepted certification bodies and to provide airport stakeholders with a list of qualified ground lighting products that ensure a reliable, consistent airport environment.

There are 45 product types (L-types) covered by the ALECP and each type is specified in the FAA AC 150/5345 series. Products must demonstrate compliance with all design and performance to meet the criteria for certification, and production quality is assessed annually by a third-party certification body.

Why Certify Your Airport Lighting Equipment?

While FAA certification is not a regulatory requirement for all airport lighting equipment, is it necessary for the equipment to be selected for airport construction projects funded through U.S. Federal grant assistance programs, such as the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), which total more than $3 billion annually. Outside the U.S., FAA certification demonstrates that your products continuously meet high quality standards, and are independently evaluated to comply with strict design and performance requirements.

Why Choose Elite for FAA Certification?

Meet Our FAA Cert TeamManufacturers have many considerations when choosing a testing and certification provider. Elite’s customer service and collaborative culture set us apart us from other labs. For more than 65 years, Elite has earned the trust and confidence of thousands of manufacturers in diverse industries. To help manufacturers succeed, we deliver on their expectations for accurate testing and reporting, fast turnaround, flexible scheduling, clear communication, and strong relationships with our expert staff. You can expect more from Elite and free your staff to focus on your business and your customers.

Read what our customers say about our testing and FAA certification process.

We chose to become an FAA Third Party Certification Body after listening to several manufacturers detail the obstacles of the existing certification process. We quickly recognized that our strengths and diverse experience as a family-run, independent test lab were perfectly suited to overcome those obstacles. We want to help streamline your certification process and be your partner in delivering high-quality airport lighting equipment to users around the world.

  • Save time with all testing and certification in one location
  • CoCs issued within 7 days of qualification test report delivery
  • Visible and IR verification for -43J obstruction lights
  • Customer portal for clear communication, collaboration, project tracking
  • Remote and on-site test witnessing at manufacturer facilities
  • Conformity verification testing for ICAO Annex 14, Canada TP312, CAR Standard 621, and MOS 139
  • Compliance testing for FCC, CE Mark, IP ratings, ISTA Packaging
  • Family-owned business dedicated to long-term customer partnerships

How Do You Certify Airport Lighting Equipment?

Certification is a continuous process designed to assess manufacturers, qualify product performance through testing, and ensure ongoing compliance with ALECP requirements. Elite’s certification program is ISO 17065 accredited and audited regularly by A2LA and the FAA.

Download our Certification Program Overview for more details on the complete process, from application to listing on the FAA Certified Equipment and Manufacturers List (FAA AC 150/5345-53D Addendum).

  1. Manufacturer Licensing - To participate in Elite’s certification program, manufacturers must successfully complete an initial quality management system audit and sign a licensing agreement detailing the relationship between the manufacturer and the certification body. Each manufacturing location is licensed separately.
  2. Application Submission - When a manufacturer is ready to certify a product, a Certification Application (FAAGA-000) is submitted to our FAA Program Administrator and a Certification Specialist completes an Administrative Review to ensure all required support documentation is available.
  3. Qualification Testing - Based on the product type and configurations, a qualification test plan is drafted to demonstrate compliance with the appropriate Advisory Circular specifications. Elite offers nearly all aspects of EMC/EMI, Electrical, Environmental Stress, Mechanical, and Photometric Testing at our lab in Downers Grove, IL, and can also witness testing at customer facilities or other commercial testing laboratories with prior approval.
  4. Technical Review - After completion of qualification testing, a Technical Review is performed by a Certification Specialist to determine if all Advisory Circulars requirements are fulfilled and recommend certification.
  5. Certificate of Conformance - With the agreement of the Certification Committee, a Certificate of Conformance is issued to the manufacturer detailing the certified product types. The Certificate of Conformance is also submitted to the FAA for addition to the next monthly update of the FAA AC 150/5345-53D Addendum listing all certified products and manufacturers.
  6. Ongoing Compliance - Certificates of Conformance are typically valid for 8 years and require ongoing compliance with FAA AC 150/5345-53D requirements to remain valid. Manufacturers are audited twice annually by the third-party certification body to verify the adequacy of the quality management system and compliance with production testing requirements.

Contact our FAA Program Administrator for more information on how to enroll in our certification program and add your products to the Certified Equipment and Manufacturers List (FAA AC 150/5345-53D Addendum.)


Conformity Verification Testing for ICAO Annex 14 and More

In addition to complete FAA certification, Elite also performs conformity verification testing in accordance with ICAO Annex 14, Canada TP312, CAR Standard 621, MOS 139, and other international specifications. Our test reports and one-page Conformity Verification Summaries give manufacturers the independent evidence they need to prove compliance with performance standards and satisfy airport operators and regulators. Photometric and color compliance are the primary considerations, and we can assess conformity to CE Mark requirements for the EMC and Radio Equipment (RE) Directives.

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