What is Photometric Testing?

military aircraft takeoff lightingToday’s lighting systems do more than just illuminate our surroundings. They include Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), complex digital controls, and power electronics to increase energy efficiency and customize output performance. For many applications, lighting systems must endure constant exposure to harmful environmental and electromagnetic conditions without compromising photometric performance.

Elite’s powerful combination of EMC, Environmental, and Photometric Testing services help lighting manufacturers successfully validate their products from every aspect with a comprehensive testing procedure to measure the magnitude, color, quality and spatial distribution of light emitted from lamps, LEDs and luminaires. (To learn more, visit www.energy.gov.)

Advanced Test Equipment

From aviation to automotive light testing, Elite’s all-new photometric testing lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art measurement equipment to ensure accurate, repeatable results and efficient operation. Our lab offers broad measurement capabilities to meet FMVSS 108, SAE, FAA, ICAO, and other common industry specifications as well as customer-defined requirements.

In addition to steady light sources, we can accomodate flashing sources to measure Peak and Effective Intensity, Flash Energy, and Optical Power. For general LED lighting applications, we can also perform IES LM-79 measurements using our Type A goniophotometer to simulate Type C geometry and produce IES files. We can also design and build custom mounting fixtures to support lamps, LED sources, and complete lighting systems while under test.

Light Measurements to Meet Your Needs

  • Photometry – Luminous Flux (lumens), Intensity (candela), Luminance (candela/square meter), Flash Energy (candela-seconds), Optical Power (candela-seconds/minute)
  • Colorimetry – CIE Chromaticity Coordinates, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI), IES TM-30-15
  • Spectral – Flux (Watts/nm), Intensity (Watts/sr-nm), Peak & Dominant Wavelengths
  • Electrical – Efficacy (lumens/watt), Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, etc.

Advanced Equipment for Trusted Results

  • Type A goniophotometer with 64 ft test distance (simulates Type C for accurate LM-79 measurements and IES files).
  • 2-meter integrating sphere with 4pi and 2pi geometries.
  • High-precision spectroradiometers with NIST-traceable calibrations.
  • Integrated power supply and analyzer with software control.
  • Custom mounting fixtures for every application.

Contact us today to discuss testing requirements for your automotive, aerospace, airport, and general lighting products. Whether you need developmental measurements or full qualification testing, we are ready to help you succeed.