Praise From Our Valued Customers

A service-based business achieves long years of success by satisfying customers. Here is a sample of comments from Elite’s own satisfied customers. And like them, you and your product will receive the expertise, trusted results, and on-time support you expect.

I actually like coming to Elite to perform our EMC testing. I am very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the one on one support that they provide.

My only complaint with Elite is when your capabilities don’t completely overlap with my test needs. In my 20+ years in test engineering I’ve visited *thousands* of laboratories; I keep returning to, and recommending, Elite.

Robert M.

Thanks for all the hard work from everyone at Elite this year. You guys are my go-to for testing, especially when it needs to be done expediently. I’d like to especially thank Adam Rohman, Adam Grant and Steve Kowalczyk for going above and beyond the call of duty multiple times, to meet our EMC and Electrical testing needs this year.

Brian F., Myotek

The team at Elite is my choice for EMC and Environmental Stress test support. Scheduling in our own facilities can be a difficult situation and I can depend on them to find an approach to help me continue to make my test deadlines.

Patrick L., Caterpillar

Elite is our lab of choice. Their range of specific EMC expertise is the best I’ve seen in a compliance test lab.

Walt B., Actia Corp.

Staff has been extremely helpful and accommodating.

Bob T., Control Solutions

Very knowledgeable and professional staff; always good to work with.

The technicians are great at what they do. They understand the requirements and how to apply the tests. The lab has all the equipment for all kinds of tests.

Elite has always been very accommodating to our schedule. This is a big part of why we choose them.

Staff has been a pleasure to work with. Our schedule has been very fluid and your team continues to go out of their way to meet our needs.

Dave D., NuWaves Engineering

All around the best experience I’ve had with a 3rd party lab! I worked with Julie Smith, Mark Gabalewicz and Kyle Thompson. All of them were excellent! The report was detailed and went over well with our customer auditor. Any similar testing needs I have…I’ll be calling you first!

Jean-Pierre B., C&M Corporation

I only use Elite for a few specific environmental tests. My experiences have always been positive. The Engineers are helpful and are always concerned with my satisfaction regarding testing and schedule. I like the idea of being able to request a quotation via your website.

Mark S., Motorola

Elite is a “top notch” test facility with an in-depth knowledge base. I wish I could get my management to use Elite more often.

Jeffrey M., Automotive Lighting

As the testing goes, I found Elite to be first rate. The test engineers were very knowledgeable about the test standard CS11979 without constantly looking up information. All of the Elite engineers with whom I worked were friendly and answered my questions. For quotes and scheduling, the process was very simple and quick.

John H.

…You guys run a good shop. I’ve looked in to using other shops and it just hasn’t worked out. Elite has better pricing than a lot of shops, and I do find Elite’s services to be a good, if not better, value. Cost and drive time aside, I do prefer to work with Elite…

Dan W., Motorola Mobility

I’ve always been very pleased with the services provided by Elite. Services like good pricing, flexible scheduling and a very professional staff have helped to accommodate all of our company needs.

Shawn G., Harman

I dealt with Craig Bowes, Adam Rohman, Craig Fanning and John Schmit when a customer required us to provide EMC/EMI test data for an electric actuator. I did not know the first thing about EMC/EMI and the staff at Elite, John Schmit in particular helped me immensely. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service. They always returned my calls, answered my emails (and dumb questions). I would definitely use Elite’s services again.

Evan S., Fabco Automotive

I have just started working with outside lab services for my company in the last 6 months. I chose Elite over other labs that were previously used by my company for 2 reasons: The prices are unbeatable and the ease of scheduling the required services in a prompt manner. Larry Brooks and especially Adam Rohman have been a pleasure to work with. They always respond to my emails immediately and Adam has scheduled our orders within 1 or 2 days of receiving the components every time. I’ve found that other labs charge heavy expedite fees and we still do not get our tests quoted/scheduled as fast as Elite! Because of this, I have convinced my company to go with Elite whenever possible. Thanks Adam – you’re the best!

Keep up the good work I have been using Elite for 13 + years and 2 different jobs that I have held. You have me for Life. Great service and personnel.

I was happy with the results generated. The data has been very useful.

Craig S., Fresenius Kabi

I have done testing with many labs other than Elite around the world, I view as one of the best that I have worked with and will continue to use Elite.

George B., Twin Disc

You provide a great service to us. We appreciate your technical expertise and flexibility.

Andy B., Eaton Corporation

I have been very pleased with the testing and support provided by Elite.

Everything is as expected. Good expertise and professionalism. The company name says it all!

Francis P., Kongsberg Automotive

I like working with Bill Dunnell and Eric Lindberg because they are realistic and insightful. They have provided ways to improve the quality of our tests and helped prevent us from making mistakes that would lower the quality of our tests. Their willingness to provide knowledge from their past experiences has been very helpful.

Aaron R., Grayhill

It was very nice and useful the support received from Elite lab during the requested test. I would absolutely request your service again. Thanks.

I have had very good experiences overall with Elite and plan to continue to work more in the future.

Elite has the the capabilities to do all our combined EMC and Environmental Testing “cover-to-cover” and a competent, efficient staff familiar with the test standards.

Arlie S., Ultra-ICE

Test engineers are always great to work with. Whenever I visit Elite, everyone I’ve ever worked with knows my name and is always eager to catch up. It makes for a more pleasant day of being away from the office.

The couple of times this year that I personally needed some vibration/shock exposures, both times you were able to beat the ESD by a couple of days. This allowed me to get testing completed over a weekend and available for me to take post vibe/shock measurements.

Elite’s staff have always shown themselves to be helpful, competent, and friendly. Thanks.

Overall pretty good experiences with using Elite for testing.

Elite is great company to work with. I enjoy my time while I am there.

Technical staff is very helpful and professional. Daily updates of test completion and status is best in class!

Ovetta H.

Everyone I’ve ever dealt with has always been polite and helpful!

Brian E.

I appreciate how Elite does everything possible to help me meet my deadlines. This effort is really appreciated!!!

Been working w/ Elite for over 15 years and it has been a wonderful experience w/ their environmental, engineering team. Never a problem with their testing capabilities, scheduling and/or data reporting…it’s always been a pleasure!

Jason Y., Cinch Connectivity Solutions

The staff was friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. All questions were answered and detailed explanations were given.

Tess M.

My experience with Elite goes way back to the start of my career, and am always assured of your expertise and professionalism every time.

Thomas N.

I would just like to say, again this year, that Adam Rohman is by far the most courteous, prompt, and helpful person from any outside lab that I deal with. He always does his best to work in our last minute requests and always gives a better lead time than other labs do. We also appreciate that Elite does not charge an expedite fee and instead works our testing in to their schedule asap, which has always been within a day or two of receiving the components.

All of the employees at Elite have been more than helpful and have a positive attitude. Elite also has the best pricing for any of the services that I’ve needed.

Keep up the great work! We will continue to send our business your way because I know that we can always rely on Elite.

Elite is the nearest lab to our location that offers RS testing using Reverb Chamber. That’s a big deal to us from a travel standpoint.

Very professional service, I appreciate Elite being willing to repeat testing at a lower price due to an issue in the test plan not noticed in the first round of testing.

I really appreciate working with Elite.

Elite is by far the best laboratory I worked with. Highly professional, efficient and with customized support on the tests and schedule.

In general, we are very happy with Elite. The only problem has been the long lead times for booking lab time, but I recognize that is an indicator that you do a great job and your services are highly in demand.

Brian M., Telefonix, Inc. (Astronics)

I would recommend Elite.

Doug S.

Great technical help outside of quoting and testing. Thanks for helping us with our issues with our Thermotron chambers.

Raymond M.

Very satisfied with four projects over the years.

George M.

The response time I receive from when I submit a request for quote to when my tests are scheduled is excellent.

Jacob J.

Everyone I’ve ever dealt with has been courteous and helpful.

Brian E.

So far my experience working with Elite has been great. They have people on site that are very knowledgeable in testing devices for the heavy duty automotive market. I haven’t had the need to visit the test facility but I hope to at some point.

The test progress updates are valuable to me and the testing staff are responsive to requests for extra information which is great.

Adam K.

Everyone I have worked with has been excellent and professional.

David S., Bourns, Inc. - Automotive Division

One differentiating factor for me is the efficiency and automation of your DO-160 EMC tests. In particular your Emissions, Susceptibility, and Lightning tests. You can setup, complete, and document these complex tests in a very efficient and expedient manner that takes other test labs much longer. You also have capabilities that other labs don’t offer such as the ability to meet some of the extended HIRF field levels, and ability to perform EMP testing. Lastly, I am glad to see the addition of you new optics lab. For our cockpit displays we have been looking for a test lab able to perform spot luminance testing, and chromaticity testing for NVIS/Night-Vision compliance.

Great staff. Always get the job done with detailed results and efficiency.

First of all, I appreciate all the help you and the team at Elite have been with our [automotive EMC testing] programs. It is amazing to be able to work with such a talented group of professionals. Second, we got the EMC equipment and test samples back at our facility yesterday. Whoever packed up that pallet did an awesome job! Seriously, we have been dealing with a lot of damaged shipments lately and we admired how carefully everything was packed and secured. A very welcome site indeed. Thank you!

Thank you for pushing up the drop and pull tests dates. CFAT testing is now all done and the two modules have passed all test. Please thank Kyle, Eric, Derrick, Brady and Nella for all their help. I’ve been in my share of test labs and I have found Elite to be the most professional, organized, and knowledgeable of all the labs I have done testing at. I will certainly recommend Elite in the future to anyone who is looking for a test lab.

I have always been treated as professionally as could be asked for. When my lab facilities cannot support my test needs, I only use Elite due to the incredible efforts of the staff, the professionalism, the quality of the data and the overall affordability and ease of use of having Elite as a testing partner.

Peter L., Caterpillar

Elite staff always works with us and to do whatever is needed to meet our scheduling requirements. Confident, and consistently satisfied with test technicians and the rest of the support staff.

I was very pleased with the services that Elite provided. Thank you for your help in getting our products certified.

Mike H., Magnetek Inc

The Elite team has been very responsive and professional to any request I have made. I would like to thank Adam Rohman for his support and patience with many of my requests. He is very understanding and extremely supportive.

Elite has provided Aerosonic excellent support for all of our test needs. Adam has gone above and beyond in answering all of my questions in regards to scheduling along with the many technical requirements. Elite test services and staff have set the bar in the test industry.

Jim L., Aerosonic

Keep doing what you are doing, Elite is a first rate test lab. I have been to many around the world, Elite is the best I have worked with.

George B., Twin Disc Inc.

Been a loyal customer of Elite for 30 years and seen a lot of test equipment and procedural improvements along the way. Elite is also a good place to pick up on the latest OEM trends regarding changes and developments in EMC-EMR test procedures.

Elite is probably the best test lab I have used, from the capabilities offered to the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. I specifically worked with both Kyle and Mark in Environmental Testing and both of them were absolutely phenomenal at what they do, willing to go above and beyond to ensure the customer was satisfied.

I would definitely recommend Elite to others based on my experience. Staff was very supportive and accommodating. I look forward to returning for future testing.

The staff is always courteous and helpful. Our last experience with testing, we found a great effort on the part of the engineers to meet a timeline. We greatly appreciate the hard work that the test engineers do for our business.

Overall, Elite is the top whole vehicle EMC test lab in USA. This is based on cost, location, scheduling and most important expert support staff.

I enjoy working with the staff at Elite. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. This is my home away from home and preferred location for all of our testing requirements. Thank you for all that you do for us.

Thank you so much for once again coming through on such a large and complex test plan. It is so nice to have a place that I can feel confident in with [our products].

After working with Elite for many years now I can say they always go above and beyond. After a recent interaction with one of our customers, a new test requirement came up that necessitated a special antenna calibration to achieve the desired results. Elite’s engineers were more than willing to investigate, experiment, and even put out the capital necessary to upgrade their equipment to meet my needs. Thank you Elite team, we are glad to have you as a partner!

Cavin M.

Thanks for hosting me and allowing me to pick your respective brains …. Awesome facility and crew.

Russ S.

This year being as challenging as it was and our organization releasing new products on new platforms was a huge concern of mine as project manager. With restrictions on travel, our main test engineer was able to come to your facility, which Elite planned to be safe with Covid precautions, for a quick 1/2 day visit to train Elite personnel. Elite was then able to run our complete test set up and products thus limiting travel, hotels, and time overall as well as risk to our Test Engineer. I look forward to more of our testing operating this way. Well done. Scheduling and quotes have come back extremely fast as well.

Kevin J.

I’m very pleased with the support and response times I get with Elite and you are presently #1 on my list of places to go for external EMC testing.

Richard R.

Since 1998, Elite has supported our testing for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA and NAVAIR. Elite participated in presentations with myself and my company on aircraft light testing at the Aerospace Lighting Institute and has hosted EMC symposiums with amazing beer. Consistent performance in providing testing to the standards as they are written. Team members who are on
standards committees and teach the rest of the engineering staff. Flexible enough to provide the correct testing in Environmental, Electromagnetic and now Photometric Testing. Strict enough to meet the standards our customers expect. Elaine, Kathy and the rest of the front office know me by name.

Kevin M.

I have always had a good experience working with Elite! The staff are very helpful, polite and knowledgeable.

I use Elite, as they have a large enough Shaker and Temperature Chamber that can handle my testing needs. I also like the fact that Elite can handle many different types of testing. I recently had a product tested that required Vibration, Temperature, Exposure and EMI / EMC Testing. It was nice to be able to have all of these tests done at a single facility.

Richard P.

I have been utilizing Elite’s testing services for a number of years and Elite remains my number one choice for support. There are other options but my experiences with Elite have made me reluctant to even consider other suppliers. I have developed a relationship with so many of the staff that I am comfortable and I have the knowledge that Elite has the expertise to provide the quality data that we require. I have to give mention to Adam Rohman and Rob Bugielski for always providing timely quotes and for always finding a way to meet my scheduling needs, which is so incredibly helpful. Caterpillar, like many of your customers can be challenging to support, from unreasonable scheduling requests to nearly indistinguishable data requirements and the team at Elite is always there to support our needs. I appreciate having Elite in my test arsenal.

Patrick L., Caterpillar

Over the years that we’ve been working with Elite for EMC Testing (/testing-services/emiemc-testing), I’ve been very pleased with the support and professionalism in all areas of the relationship. Keep up the good work!

Rick R., Bose Corporation

Compared to Elite’s competitors, Elite (per its namesake) is definitely above the expectations that [our company] has on outside labs.

Have been using Elite for years and will continue to do so.

Bob S.

Great staff, very congenial and professional and knowledgeable. Loved my visit there for testing and would definitely recommend my company to come back. Also the free soda and snacks were great.

I always look forward to testing at Elite; friendly and helpful staff, very convenient to my work; excellent test reports.

Mike M.

I am looking forward to your continued expansion so we have quicker access to testing.

Mark J.

I appreciate our partnership with Elite – they are responsive, easy to work with, and very flexible. We continue to go back to Elite for new projects and I recommend them to other divisions within my company. Thank you Elite!

Casey S., Harting Inc.

Always happy to do business with Elite – been using you for my testing needs since 2006.

Jeff P., Borsight

I have had several great experiences at Elite and look forward to continue to test with them.

Jake B.

Can’t wait to see you guys – it is like coming home.

Abtin S., AETANT

Elite was very helpful in testing our unit. Location made it very convenient to come out to Elite to see our unit after each test. Nick DePasion was very helpful in explaining each test and giving prompt updates regarding our unit.

Every interaction that I have had with Elite employees through email has been very professional and friendly.

As always – the Elite staff is great to work with!

Larry S.

The staff was great. I was treated like I was part of the team. What a nice work environment.

Joseph T., Soundwave Hearing, LLC

Elite has always been our first choice for outsourced EMC testing needs and with our latest experience, we can now include Elite in environmental needs as well. Adam was more than accommodating when allowing us to extend our scheduled testing due to several issues with our test setup. The engineering support, Kyle, was also more than happy to stay with our engineer well past normal operating hours to ensure that the test was completed. Great management, great staff, great experience!

Andrew B., BorgWarner

Once again, and as always, a professional, stellar, response with coinciding workmanship shown from Elite.

This year marks 29 yrs. in Automotive Electronics. Elite is hands-down my first choice for external lab EMC testing. Elite provides the expertise one can count on for a successful validation or evaluation. As an engineer, I’m all about data. More importantly, good data. But at the end of the day, it’s the technical staff that keeps me coming back to Elite. I look forward to my next visit.

Scott W., Aptiv

Everyone there is great! Adam is great and super accommodating to our scheduling (and rescheduling) needs. Steve and sales/quote staff is always willing to help and prompt with responses. All of the techs are knowledgeable and over the last decade I’ve gotten to work with and know most of them. I’ve had the chance to bring both my son and daughter on tours there and the level of professionalism shown and time the staff has taken has left a positive impression on them and myself. Thank you all.

Mike G., Hydro Electronic Devices, Inc.

Fantastic facility and location. The engineer that ran the test was top-notch! Nice guy and very easy to work with, knows his stuff. Please pass along my thanks.

I have been to Elite labs twice and both times the staff were excellent to work with. They were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Labs were clean but anyone could tell they were busy as possible without sacrificing thoroughness.

Everyone I worked with was very courteous and willing to help in any situation. I really enjoyed working with Elite test employees. Thank you.

Chris K.

Your team is the most effective that we have worked with. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Steve V., Packet Power

As a leader in innovative lighting solutions, regulatory compliance is integrated into our design process and each product undergoes certification testing.

Our relationship with Elite Electronic Engineering began many years ago. Elite’s team provided excellent service through various photometry and EMI testing projects. They were knowledgeable, flexible and responsive, making the choice easy when it came time to certify our new LED airport approach light to FAA, ICAO and Transport Canada requirements.

Elite Electronic Engineering was professional, courteous and friendly. I would recommend their services for any certification and conformity testing needs.

Bill Berry, SPX Flash Technology

Once we had the design of our new L-854 system perfected, it was time to obtain FAA certification through testing and get on the list of FAA-approved vendors.

Elite responded right away, answered our questions, and worked on a time frame. They guided us through the quality paperwork to be compliant with FAA regulations. When it came time for qualification testing, Elite produced a test plan to meet FAA requirements. They had all the equipment to perform the environmental and electrical checks. Communication was fantastic.

Without the help of the Elite team, we would still be navigating FAA certification. I would with full confidence recommend Elite to any company with FAA testing and certification needs.

Ben O., Control Industries, Inc.