Environmental Stress Testing

Vibration and Shock Testing

Complete dynamics testing in one location to industry wide standards.

Proven expertise and throughput for Vibration and Shock testing

Founded in 1954, Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc. is a full-service environmental stress testing laboratory. We are the premier test provider for vibration and shock testing.
Elite is recognized worldwide as a product qualification, compliance testing, and consulting services leader. Few laboratories offer our combination of expert engineers, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge test facilities all in one location.

Why Choose Elite’s Vibration Testing Services?

  • Vibration Machines up to a 5X5 ft table, 28K Force lbs., 4in Stroke, and 4400 lb. Total Payload
  • Mechanical Shock up to 30,000G’s
  • Combined Environment Temp/Vibration
  • 78K Force lb. Vibration Shaker coming Q4 of 2024

We provide vibration testing services for many industries including Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, and Railways.We are ISO 17025 accredited to perform vibration testing at our Downers Grove, IL, laboratory in accordance with the following industry standards:

Automotive, Marine and Railway

  • SAE J1455
  • SAE J575
  • GMW 3172
  • USCAR-2
  • ISO 16750
  • IACS-E10
  • IEC 61373

Electronic Equipment and Lighting

  • IEC 60068-2
  • IEC 60255-21-1
  • ANSI C136.31 Roadway and Area Lighting – Luminaire Vibration

Vibration and Shock Testing Services Elite performs:

  • Sine Vibration Testing
  • Random Vibration Testing
  • Sine-on-Random Vibration Testing
  • Random-on-Random Vibration Testing
  • Sine-and-Random-on-Random Vibration Testing
  • Combined Environment (Temperature/Humidity/Vibration)
  • Field Data Replication/Simulation
  • Classical Shock (Sawtooth, Half-Sine)
  • Transient Shock
  • Handling and Free Fall Drop
  • In-house machine facility to design and fabricate fixturing to mount your product to our vibration and shock equipment

Examples of Elite's Vibration and Shock Equipment

Elite’s Vibration Capabilities

Vibration Testing

  • Vibration Machines up to a 5X5 ft table, 28K Force lbs., 4in Stroke, and 4,400 lb. Total Payload
  • Combined Environment Temperature/Humidly/Vibration
  • On-site Machine/Fabrication shop

Mechanical Shock

  • Mechanical Shock up to 30,000 G’s.

Package Vibration

  • Cam-operated bounce test for transportation evaluation of ISTA requirements.

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Our Vibration and Shock Testing Specialists

Elite’s dynamics experts have decades of experience testing and qualifying products. See how they can help with your next program today!

John Gondek

Technical Sales / Senior Environmental Engineer

Eric Lindberg

Environmental Team Leader / Dynamics

John Lindberg

Environmental Stress Lab Manager

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