Enviromental Stress Testing

Acceleration Testing

For the military and aerospace industries, Elite provides constant acceleration testing for mission-critical electronics and controls.

Excelling at Acceleration

Aircraft and ground vehicles experience sustained acceleration throughout normal operation which stresses onboard electronic systems and their components. Our state-of-the-art lab offers expert test engineers and proven test equipment to meet typical industry standards and custom test profiles to meet your specific needs.

Elite's Capabilities

Acceleration Testing Standards

Elite is ISO 17025 accredited to performing steady-state/sustained acceleration testing at our Downers Grove, IL, laboratory in accordance with the following industry standards:

Acceleration Testing Equipment

  • Enclosed Centrifuge
    • 36” arm
    • 24″W x 24″D x 18″H test area
    • Up to 50Gs; sustained
    • Slip ring with 28 banana terminals for power and monitoring

Acceleration Testing Capabilities


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Our Acceleration Test Specialists

Aircraft and ground vehicles and their onboard equipment are subjected to acceleration stresses. Elite’s long experience with industry-standard tests is performed by our staff experts. If your device needs to meet MIL-STD or other acceleration requirements count on the team at Elite to provide trusted results.

John Gondek

Technical Sales / Senior Environmental Engineer

Mark Gabalewicz

Environmental Team Leader / Senior Mechanical Engineer

Nick De Pasion

Senior Environmental Engineer

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