Wireless Certification

Regulatory Certifications: Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

Rely on Elite for prompt and convenient wireless product certifications. Elite is an FCC Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB), ISED-Canada Certification Body (CB), and EU Notified Body.

Wireless Product Certification

Government regulations exist for digital devices, receivers, and intentional radiators to optimize the allocation and use of radio spectrum for all citizens and uses.  These regulations include testing, technical evaluations, product labeling, and either manufacturer declarations of compliance or third-party certification.   Since spectrum is a sovereign resource, each country establishes their own specific rules and conformity processes to ensure efficient spectrum use.  The conformity assessment objectives for products is conceptually the same worldwide; protect the efficient use of spectrum.   However, the laws and procedures for compliance are different in each country.   Learn more about Elite’s services for wireless product certifications.

Elite Certification Services

Let the Experts at Elite Get Your Products Certified, and To Market.


Wireless Test and Certification

Elite experts work with clients to understand the product, application, and radio requirements.  Our testing staff guides clients on the steps necessary for testing, we complete all required measurements and issue a report.

To maintain impartiality between testing and the certification process, other Elite team members collect the reports, compliance documents and exhibits.  From there our wireless certification specialists review and issue the certifications required for market access.

Extend Your Markets, Globally

North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia

Elite is a FCC Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) and an ISED-Canada Certification Body (CB).   As a European Union Notified Body, Elite can provide Type Certification services for the Radio Equipment Directive and EMC Directive.  We are also a Notified Body for the Radio and EMC Regulations in the UK.    And with partner Global Validity, Elite offers certifications in countries around the world for all wireless and digital device products.

Safety Certifications

Elite compliance partners are recognized safety experts products that require IEECE  CB Scheme reports and certifications, as well as for US-NRTL and Canada-SCC product listings.   In addition, these experts can provide machinery safety related services.

Elite's Certification Services

FCC and ISED Canada Certifications

Elite is designated by the United States government as an accredited Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB).   Elite’s TCB services ensure a quick certification process.  Certification at Elite typically takes less than one week.

Elite is recognized by ISED Canada as a Certification Body for RF transmitters.  Being a U.S. and Canadian approval body means Elite can save time and cost for transmitter manufacturers when their markets cover North America. Learn more about our compliance testing services.

The Elite Certification Process

Plan & Scope

The certification process of intentional transmitters begins with a review of your product and market access needs by Elite application engineers and technical support staff. We identify applicable RF test requirements as well as other conformity considerations such as electrical safety and RF hazards evaluations (SAR or MPE).  Once the client confirms the scope of services and issues a purchase order for services, the process moves forward.

Collect Exhibits

Elite will provide a Certification Information Packet to the client that includes a Certification Agreement, Application for FCC and/or ISED-Canada, and a Certification Checklist.  The Checklist includes template documents for Confidentiality and Agency Letters.  Once all documents are completed by the applicant, they are forwarded to the Elite Certification Department for acknowledgement and review.

Review Exhibits

Elite certification specialist will review the information, confirm details, and notify any missing details.  An administrative review of all documents is performed along with a technical review of measurements.  Once these items are satisfied, the process moves on to final wireless certification.

Post Documents & Certify

The certification committee considers all findings from the administrative and technical reviews.  Applicable exhibits and information are uploaded to the FCC database and ISED Canada Radio Equipment List.  Once all documents are uploaded and final certifications are completed, the FCC Grant and ISED-Canada Type Acceptance Certificate are issued.

Remain Compliant

Manufacturers can produce products, place on the market, and operate as certified. Any modifications to the test item must be communicated to Elite for review and determination of permissible changes.

Where applicable and if necessary Elite will contact the manufacturer to perform a surveillance evaluations on the certified product.

European Union Type Approvals

European RF Transmitter Compliance

Elite is a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the European Union for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. With these credentials, Elite can review technical files and issue a notified body opinion regarding the compliance of an RF transmitter, receiver, or telecom system. The notified body opinion is required as stated in 2014/53/EU. For the UK market, Elite is a UK Approved Body for EMC and Radio Equipment Regulations.

Helpful CE Marking Guidance

  • Blue Guide
  • Guide to the Radio Equipment Directive
  • Guide to the EMC Directive
  • Guide to the Low Voltage Directive
  • Harmonized Standards
  • ETSI Work Programme

How can we help you accomplish your goals?

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Our Certification Specialists

Connect with our wireless certification specialists to get started on the FCC, Canada, European Union, or global certification process.

Rick King

Certification Team Leader, for initial contact on FCC/CAN/EU approvals.

Neil Hurley

Certification Team Specialist, for receipt of documentation and cert exhibits.

Kat Venardi

Global Validity’s operations manager for certifications in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Richard King

Certification Department Supervisor / Regulatory EMC Team Leader

Neil Hurley

Test Services Scheduler / Senior EMC Engineer

Kat Venardi

Global Validity Director of Operations

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