Automotive EMC Testing

Whole Vehicle EMC Testing

Vehicle manufacturers want assurance their equipment is safe and performing to specifications. Elite's Whole Vehicle EMC testing validates performance that OEMs need, and trust.

Whole Vehicle EMC Testing Validates Performance, Safety, and More

Capability and Complexity Growing In Modern Vehicles

Modern vehicles rely on dozens of microprocessor based electronic modules to perform control, monitoring, and convenience functions. These modules are connected by un-shielded wiring harnesses that span the length of the vehicle to support high speed digital communications, carry vehicle power, and interface other signals.  The challenge for manufacturers is to ensure they are immune to radio-frequency (RF) signals the permeate the vehicle environment.

To reduce risk, vehicle OEMs require module-level EMC testing to validate performance and immunity.  Whole vehicle EMC testing becomes an important final verification step to confirm system level performance, assure vehicle safety, and provide regulatory compliance results for markets that specify testing.

EMC Testing Benefits

  • Confirm component unintended RF emissions do not interfere with on-board or off-board receivers.
  • Verify no un-commanded movements, state-changes, or response to applied RF immunity testing.
  • Comply with government regulatory EMC requirements.

Whole Vehicle EMC Facilities and Equipment 

Large Whole Vehicle Chamber RM #22

This chamber is 70’ x 33’ x 18’ (l x w x h) with a 16’ x 16’ door.  It is designed for the larger vehicles such as Class 8 Trucks, Fire Trucks, Tractors, Combines, Construction and Forestry Equipment, Boats, and Earth Moving machinery. Large systems weighting up to 80,000lbs are tested in this chamber.  It includes an exhaust removal system to enable testing operating combustion engines.   Access to the room is a strait-line transit from outdoors.

Chassis Dynamometer

Elite’s dynamometer can handle axle loads of 10,000 kg at a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a rated speed of 55 km/h. Control-system RF immunity is 200 V/m, meaning the full range of RF-immunity tests can be performed without corrupting data. Smaller electric vehicles can be tested in 2WD or 4WD applications, and in most cases large vehicles will be tested in 2WD applications.

Whole Vehicle EMC Chamber RM #23

This chamber is 31’ x 23’ x 18’ (l x w x h) with a 11’ x 9’ (w x h) door. It is used for smaller vehicles such as Skid Steers, Smaller Farm Equipment, Lawn Tractors, Motorcycles, Engines, Outboard Engines, ATVs.  It includes an exhaust system to enable combustion engine operation during testing.

Equipment for All EMC Tests

  • Off Board RF Immunity up to 200V/m
  • Handheld Portable Transmitter Immunity
  • FFT Receivers for RF Emissions
  • Vehicle ESD
  • Cellular, GNSS, Wireless Simulators
  • Lifts, Jack-Stands, Vehicle support
  • 480VAC/3ph for Offboard OEM Chargers

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle EMC Testing

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle EMC Testing

Elite tests full-electric and hybrid vehicles of all types.  Our services are uniquely equipped to test and evaluate a wide range of PEV and HEVs.  I addition to having a 71ft long absorber lined shielded enclosure (ALSE), our facility is configured with a floor level dynamometer to apply wheel loads during testing.   Plus the dynamometer is able to be reconfigured for 4-wheel loading on passenger vehicles and light trucks.

Military Vehicle EMC Testing

Elite performs vehicle RF emissions and susceptibility.  Our immunity test equipment can generate fields in excess of 300V/m for CW and SW modulations, and up to 1000V/m for Pulsed Modulated immunity.

Next Steps to Start Your Whole Vehicle EMC Test

Our testing experts are available to answer your questions about our capabilities. Connect with us to discuss your requirements.

Elite's Whole Vehicle EMC Specialists

Elite’s whole-vehicle test staff have years of experience to help clients prepare for testing.  We offer insight on regulatory requirements, and provide advice on test issues and mitigation steps.  Elite clients rely on us for testing and as an informed resource for vehicle testing questions and regulatory concerns. 

John Schmit

Inside Sales Manager

Steve Kowalczyk

Automotive EMC Team Leader

Stan Dolecki

Automotive EMC Specialist

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