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Environmental Stress Testing

Elite provides a full range of environmental stress testing to complement our EMC services. We have the validation tools required for equipment and materials of nearly all types.

The Elite Advantage -- Simulate Any Environment to Test on Your Schedule


1-  One-Stop-Services for Environmental Testing Services
and EMC

Environmental testing services and EMC services at one location including vibration testing services, offering efficiency and cost savings.

2-  Wide Range of Environmental Stress Testing

We have an expansive range of standardized environmental test equipment, plus the ability to customize equipment for unique requirements.

3-  Technical Knowledge and Experience

Elite test engineers have nearly 50 years of environmental stress testing experience across a wide range of standards and tests.

4-  Elite Vibration Fixturing and Test Automation Make it Easier

Let Elite design and manufacture your fixturing and automation so you can focus on bringing your product to market.


Industry Standards and OEM Requirements

Elite is a recognized leader in the automotive and vehicle industry. We test to all the major automotive and commercial vehicle component standards.


AutomotiveVehicleAg/ConstructionCable Connectors
GMWIEC 16750JDQ 201EIA-364
FordISO 20653CAT EC-1USCAR-2
StellantisSAE J1455CNH ENS310USCAR-21
HondaEN 3475
Other OEMs


Elite has been environmental stress testing for military and commercial aviation applications for nearly 50 years. We have expanded over the years to include testing for many other industries and markets. Contact us or request a quote for your military or commercial aviation testing.


MIL-STD-810IACS-E10IEC 61373ASTM D4169


Elite Equipment and Resources

Elite’s impressive investment into equipment and resources ensures quick and efficient environmental stress testing. Some of our key equipment includes:

  • Electrodynamic Vibration tables
  • Temperature Chambers
  • Salt corrosion, Dust, Water Exposure
  • Universal Test Tensile Testing
  • 1 meter Integrating Photometric Sphere
  • 60Ft Type C Goniphotometer

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • ISO 17025 accreditation for Environmental and Mechanical Testing
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) VQP Approved Commercial Laboratory
  • ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory for product packaging and Amazon protocols
  • FAA Third Party Certification Body for all types of Airport Lighting Equipment

Standard Stress Testing

Our Environmental Testing services include the simulation of vibration, shock, temperature, and humidity environments. Elite has advanced equipment in our vibration testing lab, and available space to test your projects for success. These simulations allow specialty environmental situations ranging from water spray and dust to solar radiation and explosive atmospheric environment.

Larger Projects

For the larger projects, Elite can conduct Environmental Testing concurrently with EMI/EMC Testing to accelerate testing programs and complete product validation on your schedule.

Meeting Industry Standards

  • Military and Aerospace – MIL-STD-810RTCA-DO-160, MIL-STD-202, OEM Standards (Boeing, GE Aviation, Rolls-Royce, NGC)
  • Automotive – SAE J1455, GMW 3172, IEC 16750, ISO 20653, OEM Standards (Ford, Stellantis (FCA), Hyundai-Kia, Harley-Davidson, Nissan, Navistar, Rivian, Tesla)
  • Agriculture and Construction – JDQ 201, CAT EC-1, CNH ENS0310
  • Marine – DNVGL-CG-0339, MIL-STD-167
  • Railroad – IEC 61373, AREMA, AAR
  • Wireless and IoT – IEC 60529 (IP Ratings), NEMA 250, IEC 60068
  • Cables and Connectors – EIA-364, USCAR2, EN 3475
  • Materials – ASTM B117, ASTM E23
  • Packaging – ISTA Testing and Certification, Amazon SIOC, ASTM D4169

One-Stop Location for All Testing

High-Quality Testing Services & Third-Party Accreditation

Elite Testing Services

Vibration & Shock Testing

Complete dynamics testing in one location to industry wide standards.

Service Details

Climatics – Temperature, Humidity, Altitude

Temperature, Humidity, Altitude testing services are performed all in one location.

Service Details

Exposure – Dust, Corrosion, Rain, Fluids

All Exposure testing services are performed in one location.

Service Details

HALT / HASS Testing

Ensures product reliability and robustness. Elite tests to industry wide standards, all at one campus.

Service Details

Electrical Connector, Cable, and System Testing

Elite has the expertise and equipment to test your electrical connectors, cables, and systems.

Service Details

ISTA Package Testing

Elite provides development, performance, and simulation testing for packaged products to ensure they are delivered intact and ready for use.

Service Details

Life Cycle Testing

Life cycle testing subjects a product to a range of functions to deliver data on product durability.

Service Details

Acceleration Testing

For the military and aerospace industries, Elite provides constant acceleration testing for mission-critical electronics and controls.

Service Details

MIL-STD-810 Testing

Over 50 years of experience with military testing and the MIL-STD-810 standard.

Service Details

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Glossary of Terms & Tutorials

Product testing for regulatory compliance or to verify specifications has its own vocabulary and definitions. Elite provides a handy glossary to guide you through the words, acronyms, and their meanings.