Environmental Stress Testing

Exposure – Dust, Corrosion, Rain, Fluids

All Exposure testing services are performed in one location.

Elite has the tools and know-how to help you throughout this trying process

Let us deal with the mess and help you get the results you need faster with the efficiency of a company that runs these tests all the time. Let Elite help you and your product withstand these trials and succeed. See below for more about our specific exposure equipment and the standards they test for.

Dust Common Tests

Details: Elite has the unique capability of conducting both Blowing Dust tests which are typical for MIL-STD and RTCA-DO-160 and Settling Dust tests which are more common with automotive OEM specifications or for IP and NEMA degree of protection.

Salt Fog Exposure Common Tests

Details: Two chambers are available for products that range in size and quantity.

Water Common Tests

Details: Elite has a variety of water testing capabilities including, but not limited to Blowing Rain, Spray, Immersion (and immersion under pressure and vacuum), Drip, Icing, Power Washing, and Steam Cleaning.

Fluids Contamination Common Tests

Details: Fluid exposure or chemical testing with or without temperature soak.

Explosive Atmosphere Common Tests

Details: Elite can provide explosive atmosphere evaluations at altitudes up to 60,000 ft. The chamber is fitted with multiple feed-through ports for product wiring and instrumentation wiring.

Gravel Bombardment Common Tests

  • SAE J1455
  • SAE J400

Flammability and Fire Common Tests

  • MIL-STD-202, Method 111
  • RTCA DO-160, Section 26
  • FMVSS 302

Details: Exposure to flames as specified and measure time to extinguish and drip rates. Elite delivers video evidence for all tests to show the flammability behavior of test items.

Rapid Decompression Common Tests

Details: Maximum change rates are in excess of 8,000Ft to 50,000Ft within 15 seconds. Elite can also provide positive pressure environments up to 30psi and vacuum environments up to 80,000Ft.

Solar Radiation Common Tests

Details: Cyclic exposure to simulated solar spectrum, with customized air temperature and durations. Elite is equipped with two chambers for small and large test items.

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Our Exposure Specialists

Mechanical and electronic devices are exposed to dust, moisture, corrosion, and chemicals throughout their useful life. Standards testing is necessary to confirm that those products can function reliably in when they are put to use. Elite’s exposure-testing experts have the tools and deep experience needed to determine how your product will react.

John Gondek

Technical Sales / Senior Environmental Engineer

Edwin Casas

EMC Test Engineer

Nick De Pasion

Senior Environmental Engineer

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