Enviromental Stress Testing

Life Cycle Testing Services

Life cycle testing subjects a product to a range of motions and functions to deliver hard data on product durability with benefits for both manufacturers and end-users.

Verify Product Limitations Without Waiting A Lifetime

Elite’s experts will partner with you to design and build automation systems and execute test protocols under real-world conditions. Our unique combination of expertise in data collection, environmental simulation, and mechanical design/fabrication makes Elite the right choice for independent life cycle and durability testing.

There is no “standard” life cycle test, so the first step is to define the scope of test program and the overall goals. Reliability engineers with expertise on your product and application can define test protocols, sample quantities, and success criteria. Another approach is to “test to failure” to focus more on identifying and analyzing potential failure modes. Once your goals are defined, Elite helps to automate and execute durability data collection.

Accelerate a Lifetime of Environmental and Mechanical Stress to Define Durability

Environmental Simulation and Life Cycle Test Automation

Our complete Environmental Stress Testing laboratory enables us to simulate virtually any combined environment and accurately collect valuable product performance data:

  • Vibration and Shock, including field data collection and replication
  • Temperature, Humidity, and Altitude
  • Water and Dust Exposure
  • Cyclic Force Application
  • Electrical Current Cycling
  • Multi-Channel Data Acquisition
  • Video Monitoring

How We Prove Durability

We have applied our extensive test and automation experience for transportation, medical, and industrial device manufacturers to automate life cycle durability testing and provide valuable data for quality and reliability analysis:

  • Cycled switches, knobs, and rotary joints to ensure the long-term stability of a medical device worn by surgeons.
  • Accelerated life test of the precision motor with a custom-built load simulator, combining vibration and temperature stresses.
  • Inflated air bladders and simulated mechanical forces at extreme temperatures to verify the integrity of seals for a marine component.
  • Delivered an automated stress screening system to a medical device manufacturer to confirm production quality control.

Life Cycle Testing Capabilities


Ready to Connect with an Elite Expert?

Elite offers truly integrated automation and testing tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to achieve your durability testing goals.

Our Life Cycle Testing Specialists

Product durability is key to a manufacturer’s long-term success. Elite’s testing experts can run your product through a life cycle test regimen giving insight into its potential weaknesses to allow corrective action. Elite’s life-cycle team will give the trusted results you need to ensure its success.

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Technical Sales Engineer

John Lindberg

Environmental Stress Lab Manager

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Senior Mechanical Engineer

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