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Automotive and Commercial Vehicle EMC Testing

Services to meet your schedule, Experts to get the job done right, plus Recognition and Acceptance of results.

Elite- The First Choice in Automotive and Vehicle EMC Services

Elite provides services that automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers demand—    Access to services on your schedule,  experts to get the job done right, plus accreditation, recognition and approvals for acceptance of results.    We test Electronic Sub Assemblies (ESAs) and components.  We also perform EMC testing at the whole vehicle level.    Get your validation testing done right the first time and on your schedule at the industry leader you can trust.  Contact Elite today and let us put our skills and resources to work for you.

Elite Advantage- Your Schedule, Our Expertise, Results Accepted

Your Schedule

Elite is built to meet your project timing.  With more chambers, test equipment, and staff than any other EMC lab means we offer start dates that meet your critical path.  Elite staff are highly trained and skilled test engineers, and we work quickly and efficiently on the simplest to most complex test items.  We get it done right, and on-time.

Our Expertise

Elite EMC engineers are the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the industry.  We have been an EMC lab since 1954, and an automotive test lab for nearly as long.  Manufacturers trust our expertise to know the test standards and best practices.  From the simplest components, to complex whole vehicle EMC testing, Elite knows automotive.

Results Accepted

OEMs place critical importance on component level testing, and that’s why they choose Elite to be a third-party recognized EMC test lab.   And many other OEMs accept Elite reports with confidence knowing our quality systems, procedures, and expertise can be trusted for important component validations.

Automotive and Commercial Vehicle EMC Testing Capabilities

Component EMC Testing

Elite is the industry leader in component level EMC testing for passenger car and commercial vehicles.  We have the experience and equipment to ensure that client products are tested accurately and efficiently.

  • Over 20 staff members auto-industry capable
  • Eight (8) CISPR 25 compliant chambers
  • OEM Recognitions and Approvals
  • ISO 17025 for all relevant automotive EMC tests


Whole Vehicle EMC Testing

Elite has two large EMC chambers for testing whole vehicles.  Each is specially configured with shielding and RF absorber for a low ambient environment.  They are setup with exhaust handling systems for operational vehicle testing.

  • Up to 68ft of room clearance length
  • Chassis Dynamometer for loaded wheel operation.
  • ISO 17025 for all relevant automotive EMC tests


Elite Recognitions, Approvals, and Expertise

Third Party Recognized EMC Lab

Many major vehicle OEMs have stringent third-party EMC lab approval requirements and evaluate and recognize only those whose work they trust.  Elite is recognized and approved by the following automotive manufacturers for all their test methods.

Ford FMC 1278 & FMC 1280
GMW 3097
Stellantis CS.00054
Harley EG-812-22613/14
Mazda MES PW 67602D
Jaguar Land Rover EMC-CS

Trusted Test Expertise

Elite’s expertise also covers passenger-vehicle OEMs that do not have formal recognition program, but still require ISO 17025 accreditation and expertise with automotive EMC testing, and their standards.  Over our nearly 70 years of EMC experience, we have tested for most every OEM specification around the world.

Aston MartinHondaCanoo
PSA PeugeotToyotaTesla

Elite for Commercial Vehicles

Elite’s services range from testing electronic components to large complex vehicles for EMC.   This gives Elite the advantage of being intimately knowledgeable about the commercial vehicle OEM specification.  Plus we can leverage our knowledge from component level testing to the make vehicle level testing more informed.

John DeereVolvo

Vehicle Component EMC Testing

The most capable independent laboratory for automotive-component EMC testing.

Service Details

Whole Vehicle EMC Testing

Elite is recognized throughout the automotive industry for their EMC testing leadership.

Service Details

Vehicle and Component Regulatory EMC Testing

Vehicle and component government regulations for FCC, Canada, CE, E-mark and others.

Service Details

Meet Our Experts

Craig Fanning-  EMC Lab Manager & CISPR/D (Chair)

Stan Dolecki- Automotive EMC Technical Specialist, Senior automotive expert for vehicle and component EMC testing.

Brandon Lugo- Automotive Team Leader, Senior EMC engineer.

Steve Kowalczyk- Automotive Team Leader, Senior EMC engineer.

Craig Fanning

EMC Lab Manager

Stan Dolecki

Automotive EMC Specialist

Brandon Lugo

Automotive EMC Team Leader

Information We Need to Begin

Elite experts are readily accessible and eager to review your project requirements.   You can contact us by phone, email, or often we find it better to arrange a virtual meeting as the best way to share information and quickly move your project forward.

Do you Have a Test Plan?

  • Most automotive OEMs will require a formal test plan to summarize the scope of validation testing required.
  • TP template are available from the OEM
  • The Tier supplier inputs information about product, test mode(s), monitoring, and other relevant information.
  • Plan is submitted to OEM for acceptance and sign-off.
  • Final plan is reviewed by Elite, and a proposal is generated.
  • Elite’s Scheduler will set a start date.

Don’t Have a Test Plan?  No Problem.

Contact an Elite Applications Engineer

Provide basic information about your product

State objectives and purpose of the testing

Tell us your required start date

For a general outline of the information we need, download our test questionnaire.

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