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EMI/EMC Testing

The industry's most capable Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing lab.

The Role & Importance of EMI/EMC Testing

Electronic manufacturers must perform EMC testing on their components and systems before they can be placed on the market to ensure their electronics do not interfere with each other. Emissions and immunity testing helps to validate a device’s performance and safety. Learn more about the different types of EMC tests and how Elite helps get your products to market.

What makes our EMI/EMC testing services Elite?

Through seven decades, Elite has been a recognized leader in both electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. Our unrivaled expertise, in tandem with state-of-the-art test equipment, is helping products across a wide range of applications and industries meet product safety standards through EMI and EMC compliance.


Our EMC testing services are handled by dozens of full-time engineers, senior personnel, and full-time software engineers, all of whom provide unrivaled technical support and make us one of the industry’s most trusted EMI/EMC testing labs. What’s more, staff members are iNARTE credentialed and many Elite personnel are active in important industry standards committees – they’re at the ground level of understanding and contributing to new regulations and technology in EMC testing and more.


We have an expansive suite of absorber-lined EMC testing chambers including multiple rooms configured for Automotive CISPR 25 testing, 3-meter chambers configured for CISPR 22, and chambers configured for whole-vehicle testing. We also have multiple reverberation chambers, our largest having a uniform test area of 8Ft x 16Ft.

Quicker EMI/EMC Compliance


Our EMI/EMC testing lab is the best-equipped lab in the industry, helping you achieve compliance quicker. We carry more high power amplifiers, spectrum analyzers, receivers, scopes, antennas, horns, and other specialized equipment than any other EMC test lab. Our HIRF capabilities extend to 5,000V/m, we offer lightning tests up to level 5 for all DO-160 waveforms, and we can provide high altitude EMP testing at 50,000V/m.


Elite is ISO17025 accredited by two organizations and ISO 17065 accredited for certification of wireless devices in the US and Canada. Our expertise and methods are highly regarded by assessors, as well as by our clients, major integrators and OEMs.

Customer Focus

At Elite, we’re recognized for tackling the toughest projects and applications. We know how to get it done. Plus, we’ve learned over years that our customers matter first and we put all our energy into delivering services our clients need and expect.

Learn more about Elite’s unique EMI and EMC test labs, processes, and brand of engineering services we offer our clients, each and every day. Contact us or request a quote for your project.

Elite Testing Services

Automotive EMC Testing

Elite is the leader in automotive EMC testing for components and whole vehicles. Let our knowledgeable experts get the job done on-time, and with results your customers can trust.

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Military EMC Testing

Since 1954, Elite has been providing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test services for manufacturers of military electronic systems.

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MIL-STD-461 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide MIL-STD-461 Military EMC Testing with our over 60 years of experience.

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Commercial Aviation EMC Testing

Proven leader in aerospace EMC testing services for commercial aviation

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RTCA DO-160 Testing

Elite is uniquely equipped to provide RTCA DO-160 and related Commercial Aviation EMC and Environmental Stress Testing.

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Regulatory EMC & Wireless Testing

FCC, CE Mark & Electrical Safety – One-stop compliance service is our mission.

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Lightning, HIRF &, High Power Testing

Elite experts can also develop customized methods and equipment for almost any electrical transient wave shape required.

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Antenna Performance Testing

Elite validation testing helps maximize antenna performance in any application.

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We can test and certify a variety of products for more niche applications. Give us a call and we can work with you to find a solution.

Automotive EMC Testing

Understanding the unique requirements of automotive EMC testing requires a depth of experience that inspires confidence. Elite’s team of automotive-testing engineers will provide trusted results that give you the confidence you need.

Stan Dolecki

Automotive EMC Specialist

Steve Kowalczyk

Automotive EMC Team Leader

Brandon Lugo

Automotive EMC Team Leader