Product Safety and Certifications Day at Elite

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March 28, 2024

Electrical safety testing and certification is becoming a growing need for manufacturers. Traditionally, safety tests have been performed only for devices powered from the AC mains.  However, changes in technology and markets have expanded the need to test and certify many more products. Three examples of growth drivers include the following: 

  • Radio Enabled Devices in the EU– products marketed in the European Union having radio transmitters or receivers require an electrical safety assessment to comply with the Radio Equipment Directive.  A safety assessment is required regardless of the power input voltage. 
  • Global Regulations- Many countries outside North America specify safety testing and more are requiring in-country testing and certification. 
  • Electric Vehicle Components– High voltage AC and DC on electric vehicles is an electrical safety hazard.  Automotive and vehicle engineers must now design for the electrical hazard. 


Product Safety and Certifications Day at Elite

To help Elite clients navigate the electrical safety process, Elite partner Product Safety Consulting is scheduled to be on-site at Elite’s Downers Grove lab for Product Safety and Certifications Day on the coming dates. 


What is “Product Safety and Certifications Day” ? 

A safety expert from Product Safety Consulting, Inc (PSC). will be at Elite to answer questions on any electrical safety or mechanical safety matter. This is a one-on-one free consultation with an electrical safety expert. 

Clients testing at Elite are encouraged to meet the PSC safety expert while at our lab. Manufacturers not testing at Elite are welcome to come to our lab on Safety Day. Bring your product or technical information and any questions and invite colleagues.  

What does it cost to attend? 

There is NO CHARGE for this safety consultation. 

Where is it located?

Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc., 1516 Centre Circle, Downers Grove, IL 60515

How do I attend Product Safety and Certifications Day at Elite?

Contact Steve Laya, Sales and Marketing Manager, by email or phone to reserve time with our expert.