Cable & Connectors

Proving Cable and Connector Durability

Elite engineers are trained to test cable and connector assemblies and antennas for quality and performance. As in all our product tests, we emphasize time and cost efficiency without compromising on quality.

We evaluate connector and cable assemblies for shielding effectiveness and transfer impedance. Elite will work with its clients to develop the test and measurement processes as well as test fixturing as required.

Cable and Connector Assembly Testing

Elite can apply environmental, mechanical, and electrical stresses on cables and cable/connector assemblies. In addition, we measure structural and physical properties such as crush, elongation, corrosion susceptibility and others. These tests can be performed on short sections of cable/connector assemblies as well as on bulk coil samples.

Using the network analyzer we can measure attenuation, return loss, VSWR and other S parameters characteristics. These measurements can be conducted before and after exposure to various environmental and mechanical stresses to detect shifts in electrical and RF performance.

Antenna Power Handling Testing

We perform antenna power handling tests at 2500 watts (at 50 ohms) over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 200MHz, and 2000 watts from 200MHz to 1GHz. From 1 GHz to 7.5 GHz, we can supply 500 watts (at 50 ohms) and 7.5GHz to 18GHz with 300 watts (at 50 ohms). Higher power levels and specialty tests are also available.

Cable & Connector Testing Capabilities

Electrical Connector, Cable, and System Testing

Elite has the expertise and equipment to test your electrical connectors, cables, and systems.

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EMI/EMC Testing

The industry’s most capable Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing services.

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Environmental Stress Testing

We provide a full range of environmental stress testing and have the validation tools required for equipment & materials of many types.

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Vehicle Component EMC Testing

The most capable independent laboratory for automotive-component EMC testing.

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