Environmental Stress Testing

Electrical Connector, Cable, and System Testing

Elite has the expertise and equipment to evaluate the performance and durability of your electrical connectors, cables, and systems.

Mechanical and Electrical Performance Testing

If you need a customized approach, our experienced team of engineers can simulate temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, and electrical environments to meet your requirements.

Our Machining and Automation Team is also ready to support your tests with custom-designed and fabricated fixtures and interface tools using aluminum, G10 composite, and 3D printing.

Our team can test the connector assemblies/harnesses, cable/connector interfaces, connector/contact interfaces, and crimps to meet a variety of government and industry specifications, such as ISO 60512 and GMW 3191.

Electrical Connector, Cable, and System Testing Services

ISO 17025 Accredited for Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial Standards

  • U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) approved for MIL-STD-202 and EIA-364 (formerly MIL-STD-1344)
  • USCAR2 – Performance Specification for Automotive Electrical Connector Systems
  • USCAR21 – Performance Specification for Cable-to-Terminal Electrical Crimps
  • Industrial Specs including Cummins CES 14311 & JDQ 201.
  • GMW3172- General Specification for Electrical/Electronic Connector Components – Environmental/Durability
  • RTCA DO-160 – Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment
  • MIL-STD-810 – Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

Complete Capability for Your Application

  • Force Testing – Insertion, Extraction, Retention, Peel/Sheer, Pull, Torque, Bend, flexure, dynamic spring rate, side and foot loads
  • Durability Testing – Cyclic Fatigue Force and Bending, HALT/HASS, Seal/Leakage, Solar Radiation, High-Current Cycling, Abrasion
  • Electrical Testing – Contact Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Continuity, Voltage Drop, Temperature Rise with High Current
  • Tensile/Compression– Tests that measure a sample’s tensile strength, and load deflection as well as its ductility.
  • RF Testing – Shielding Effectiveness, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Insertion Loss
  • Climatic Testing – Temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Rain, Corrosion, Flammability
  • Dynamic Testing – Vibration, Shock, Free Fall, Acceleration

Configurable Setups for Unique Requirements

  • Dynamic Cut Through, Notch Propagation, Scrape Abrasion, Cable-to-Cable Abrasion, and others per EN 3475 series
  • Any size connector for automotive, aerospace, or military applications
  • 4 setups for Current Cycling and Temperature Rise with 11 connection points and 500-amp capacity each
  • Tailored profiles for current rise and cycling
  • High-speed data acquisition with chatter and discontinuity detection

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Our Electrical Connector and Cable Specialists

Like other critical components, cables and their connectors need to be able to withstand the stresses of tension, temperature, and corrosion. Elite’s team of mechanical and electrical experts with decades of experience provide the trusted test results you need to assure the integrity of your signal and power paths.

Todd Bruhl

Senior Mechanical Engineer

John Gondek

Technical Sales / Senior Environmental Engineer

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Other Environmental Stress Testing Services

Vibration & Shock Testing

Complete dynamics testing in one location to industry wide standards.

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Climatics – Temperature, Humidity, Altitude

Temperature, Humidity, Altitude testing services are performed all in one location.

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Exposure – Dust, Corrosion, Rain, Fluids

All Exposure testing services are performed in one location.

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Life Cycle Testing

Life cycle testing subjects a product to a range of functions to deliver data on product durability.

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