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Elite's Regulatory Connected Conformity Process for FCC & ISED Canada Compliance

At Elite we perform regulatory compliance testing on digital devices, receivers, and intentional transmitters. Elite is also a FCC Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) and are designated to directly issue FCC certifications.   Similarly, we test devices for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) Canada compliance. As a Canada Certification Body we issue type approval certification for devices that are marketed for use in Canada.  Elite’s test and certification services offer manufacturers convenience, cost savings, and assurance that products are compliant and ready for market in a timely manner.

Elite’s Connected Conformity Process-  Takes you from start-to-market.    We begin by understanding your product and its application, then we outline a plan for your conformity steps and define the tests, documents, labels, and information you will need to become compliant and market ready.  We certify your products when necessary and help you broaden you reach with our our global market access partner Global Validity.  Lastly, we will help you remain compliance when your product or the compliance requirements change.

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Regulations, Compliance News, and More

FCC and ISED Canada

FCC Testing Regulations

The FCC testing requirements for wireless and digital devices are listed in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR Title 47).  The key rule parts for equipment authorization include FCC Part 15B for unintentional radiators such as digital devices and receivers.  Rules for low power intentional transmitters are  in Part 15C and Part 15E, and higher power transmitters used in licensed band applications are noted in the following table.

FCC 15BUnintentional Radiators
FCC 15CLow Power Intentional Radiators
FCC 90Licensed Private Land Mobile Transmitters
Part 22/24/27Cellular Radio Transmitters
Part 74Wireless Microphones
Part 18Industrial Scientific Medical Devices

Many other technical and legal requirements exist in the expansive compendium of Title 47.   The practical use and more in depth explanation of these rules are provided in guidance documents published by the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) and listed in the Knowledge Data Base (KDB).  Several important “KDB” guidance documents include:

KDB 996369 D04Module Integration Guide
KDB KDB178919 D01 & D02Permissive Change Policy & FAQ
KDB 447498 D04Interim General RF Exposure Guidance
KDB 784748 D01General Labelling and Notification
KDB 896810 D01 & Do2Supplier Declaration of Conformity

ISED Canada Regulatory Requirements

Spectrum management and equipment authorization for Canada is through the Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED-Canada).  The technical and administrative requirements are published by ISED-Canada.  Some of the more important ISED certification regulations for wireless and digital device manufacturers are listed below:

RSS-GENGeneral Requirements for Canada Radio Equipment
RSP-100Certification of Radio & Broadcast Equipment
ICES-003Digital Devices and Information Technology Equipment
ICES-001Industrial Scientific and Medical Equipment
RSS-247Wireless LANs
RSS-210Low Power Transmitters
RSS 139/132/137Cellular Transmitters

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FCC and ISED Canada Regulatory News

Technology changes rapidly and so do the government and industry requirements that regulate the use of wireless and digital devices.  Stay current on the latest information on FCC Testing and ISED certification  and link to news and updates below.

FCC Requires Antenna Data for Transmitter Certs

Read Elite’s blog about FCC requirements for antenna data on all wireless submittals.

Summary from TCB Council Meetings April 2023

As an FCC/Canada certification body Elite attends all TCB Council meetings and REDCA meeting to maintain our expertise and stay abreast of the latest regulatory news and information.  We distilled many of the meeting highlights in our recent Webinar and blog.  Read more.

6GHz WiFi Testing at Elite

Advances in WiFi technology will bring nearly 1GHz of new bandwidth in the 6GHz range.  Elite has invested in the WiFi test equipment necessary to evaluate WiFi transmitters for FCC and ISED certification .   Learn how we can help you get your products to market.

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Guide to CE Marking & RE Directives for Low-Power Wireless Transmitters

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