Automotive EMC Testing

Vehicle Component EMC Testing

Component EMC testing is critically important. Trust the experts with the expertise and credentials to get the job done on your schedule.

Component Level EMC Compliance Sets the Stage for Safe and Reliable Vehicle Operation

Car, truck, and commercial vehicle manufactures perform EMC testing on their whole vehicles as a final system verification and before their products can be placed on the market.  Emissions measurements confirm vehicle radios, communications, and navigation equipment are not degraded by the RF noise from electronic subsystems.  High intensity RF fields and ESD (discharge) are directed at the whole vehicle to verify passenger safety and for the protection of other road users.

Component level EMC is critically important because modern vehicles have dozens of microprocessor based modules, a multitude of sensors, communications equipment, and motors.  In addition, whole vehicle EMC testing takes place late in the production process, and when nearly all Electronic Sub-Assemblies (ESAs) and components are designed and on their way to production.  This means compliance of each individual component on the vehicle must be separately assured, and well in advance of the final vehicle testing.

EMC testing of each and every vehicle component is critically important to reduce the risk vehicle level nonconformities.  Elite engineers know this reality and have the equipment, expertise, and qualifications to get the job done on-time and correctly.



The Elite Advantage -- Vehicle Component EMC Testing

Your Testing-Your Schedule

Elite is built to ensure timely access to lab services, prompt completion testing, and quick delivery of the final report.  We have the largest automotive EMC lab in the industry including more highly-trained and experienced EMC engineers, multiple chambers, and test equipment than any other.  This means we’re ready to start Your Testing when you need it done on Your Schedule.

Our Expertise

Elite is the industry leader for vehicle EMC testing.  We have more  experience and EMC equipment than any other lab, and for every automotive and commercial vehicle OEM specification.  Component manufacturers and vehicle OEMs trust Elite expertise.  Test with Elite to find out why.

Results Accepted

Elite has the EMC laboratory recognitions and approvals from all the major vehicle OEMS, and for ALL their tests.  We are a well-seasoned ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory, with nearly every automotive test method on our scope.  Elite test reports ensure your component EMC testing is done correctly, on-time, and the report is accepted for validation.

Vehicle Component and Electronic Sub-Assembly (ESA) Testing Capabilities



  • Over 20 trained EMC engineers available for vehicle related testing and tech support.
  • 10 years of average Automotive Team EMC experience.
  • 21 members of our staff hold iNARTE certification.
  • Full-time software engineers focused on test automation
  • 20+ years of A2LA assessment and accreditation.
  • ISO and CISPR standards committee Chairmanships.


Equipment and Facilities

  • Multiple CISPR 25 configured chambers
  • RF Immunity testing to 600V/m, and above
  • EV component testing, power supplies up to 1500VDC
  • 5 hp and 10 hp alternator test stands


Accredited, Recognized, and Approved

Learn more about our credentials


Ready To Get Your Component EMC Test Project Started?

Elite experts are accessible and eager to review your project requirements.   Let’s setup a MS Teams meeting to share information and quickly move your project forward.

Do you Have a Test Plan?

  • Most automotive OEMs require a formal test plan for validation testing.
  • TP templates are available from the OEM
  • Suppliers includes product information, test mode(s), monitoring, and relevant details.
  • Plan is submitted to OEM for acceptance and sign-off.
  • Final plan is reviewed by Elite, and a proposal is generated.
  • Elite’s Scheduler will set a start date.

Don’t Have a Test Plan? No Problem, Contact Elite.

  • Provide basic information about your product
  • State objectives and purpose of the testing
  • Provide pin-connection diagrams
  • Describe loads and interface devices
  • Specify the required start date

Contact Our EMC Experts Today

Elite’s team of knowledgeable applications and sales engineers is ready to help you with the next steps to get your project moving along. 

Adam Grant

Technical Sales / Senior EMC Engineer

Dan Mon

Technical Sales Engineer

Adam Rohman

Test Services Scheduler / Project Manager / Senior EMC Engineer

Elite's Test Facilities and Chambers

Elite has an impressive installation of EMC chambers to ensure manufacturers can start their validation testing on their schedule.  Our line up includes chambers that vary in size to support a wide range of products and monitoring equipment.   We have more ALSE chambers configured (and OEM approved) for  CISPR 25 testing than any other provider to ensure access to services.

ALSE Emissions Chambers10 ALSE chambers are configurable for CISPR 25 Radiated Emissions Testing.   Of these 6 are listed on our A2LA Scope of Accreditation for OEM accepted test results.
ALSE Immunity ChambersAll 10 of Elite’s ALSE Emissions chambers are configurable for RF Radiated Immunity, BCI, and Portable Tx Testing.
Shielded Chambers5 Shielded Chambers are setup for testing that does not need RF absorbing materials.  These include BCI, Conducted RF Emissions, and Magnetic Fields Emissions.
Reverberation ChambersElite has three Reverberation Chambers to support automotive, military, and commercial aviation testing.
Bench Test Stations12 bench test stations are provisions for Conducted Transient Immunity, electrical stress  testing, and various other unique procedures that don’t require a shielded chamber environments.
ESD LabElite’s ESD lab controls temperature and humidity to meet stringent OEM requirements. Within the lab are 5 ESD test stations, electrostatic voltmeters, and calibration/verification instrumentation.

Elite Test Equipment

Emissions Instrumentation

Elite has state of the art receivers, oscilloscopes, probes, and sensors to measure accurately and efficiently to any vehicle related standard.

  • 16     R&S ESW Receivers supporting swept or FFT
  • 10     2-Gs  4-channel O-scopes
  • 12     sub 1-Gs O-scopes up to 16 channels
  • 4       High Voltage Artificial Networks  (HVANs)

RF Immunity Testing

Our RF amplifiers, sig-gens, and antenna can product RF fields that meet all OEM requirements.

  • To 300V/m  – 1MHz-40GHz
  • To 500V/m  –  400MHz-18GHz
  • 1500V/m Pulsed RF 400MHz-8GHz
  • 4000V/m Pulsed 1-8GHz (Mode Tuned)

Electrical Transient and Power Systems

Conducted transient immunity is commonly performed per the ISO 7637 and SAE J1113 standards. Elite has multiple stations for these tests, but we also perform a wide range of unique OEM transients that require customized waveforms and transient generators.   We also have high voltage and current DC power supplies.

  • 6      CTI generator stations
  • CTI generators can source up to 100A during testing
  • Specialty WF generators for Toyota, Honda, JASO & others
  • 1500VDC/60A  Bi-Directional Supply/Load
  • 1500VDC/125A Supply

Quality, Recognitions, and Approvals to Assure Excellence

Elite is committed to achieving the highest level so expertise and quality of service for our clients.    We are accredited to ISO 17025 by both A2LA and NVLAP.

Our lab was originally accredited by NVLAP in 1986 and we rely on NVLAP to assess our military and commercial aviation EMC processes.  In 1998, to support automotive testing programs, Elite also engaged with A2LA to assess and accredit our Automotive, Regulatory, and Environmental Stress Testing.  Accreditation through these two separate agencies means Elite’s QA processes are audited on-site annually.  This dedication to mastering our processes, and opening our lab to annual audits, helps Elite maintain the quality of service we take pride in, and that our clients can trust.

Approved and Recognized By Major Automotive OEMs

Elite is approved and recognized by the major automotive OEMs for component EMC testing.   We cover all test specification requirements and at the most stringent test levels.

Standards, Regulations, Tech Guidance, & Industry News

Automotive EMC Component Test Methods

Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) in the automotive industry have established a of consensus procedures that define nearly all aspects of EMC and electrical testing at the component level.   The procedures define test facilities, chambers, instrumentation and settings, and generally all testing details necessary to ensure that measurements performed in any facility will be completed in a controlled and repeatable manner.

The most common and important EMC test methods are standardized by the ISO, CISPR, and SAE.

CISPR 25Conducted and Radiated RF Emissions Protecting On-board Receivers
ISO 11452-2RF Immunity ALSE
ISO 11452-4RF Immunity BCI
ISO 11452-5Stripline Immunity
ISO 11452-8Immunity to Magnetic Fields
ISO 11452-9Portable Transmitter RF Immunity
ISO 11452-11RF Immunity Reverberation Chamber
ISO 7637-2 & 3Supply Line Transients &   I/O Transients
ISO 16750-2Electrical Loads


Automotive EMC News, Events, and Updates

Coming to Elite- 1500VDC, 1000A EV Test System Power Wave 250


Coming 1st Quarter 2024, Elite will commission a state-of-the-art EV component test system for evaluating ripple and transients on high voltage DC power leads.

Read our blog about how this test capability will serve EV component suppliers.


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