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Custom Fixtures & Automation

High-quality fixtures and automation systems designed and delivered on-time. Rely on our testing and fabrication experts to produce fixtures for all your testing needs.

Fixture design and fabrication by testing experts

When more is needed than a simple arrangement of bars and clamps, a mechanical adapter, called a “fixture,” attaches the test item to vibration and shock machines.

Every unique product needs a custom-designed fixture to secure it to the test machine without interfering with the product’s operation. Fixtures ensure products are held in place while under test to better simulate real-world applications.

Reliability, durability, and life-cycle testing require mechanical and electrical cycling of the device under test. Customized automation equipment mechanically and/or electrically cycles the device under test through a range of motions, functions, and operations for a specified duration. Elite can design, program, and assemble the machines and support equipment necessary to cycle through motions and apply all types of accelerated stresses.

2 Reasons to Choose Elite for Custom Fixtures & Automation

Test Engineers & Machinists

Our mechanical designers and machinists are also experiences testing professionals. They apply their experience to create mounting fixtures and automation solutions guaranteed to meet test requirements.

Fast On-site Fabrication

With CNC mills, welding equipment, and 3D printing resources within our lab, we keep lead times short. The entire process is seamlessly coordinated and completed in one location, assuring that an optimized fixture is ready at the start of your test.

Custom Fixtures & Automation Capabilities

Tailored to Meet Your Testing Needs

  • Motion cycling and kinematics using pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical actuators
  • Voltage and current cycling systems that range from low-level DC up to 480VAC
  • Data acquisition and monitoring to capture temperature, voltage, current, cycle count, torque, force, and other performance measures
  • Operations in extreme temperature, vibration, or other environments
  • 3D-printed components to securely interface with customer parts at a lower cost
  • Powerful vibration simulation tools evaluate designs and confirm performance before starting fabrication
  • Use of Elite equipment, or design automation for client use and ownership

Key Features of Vibration Mounting Fixtures

Our long expertise, design resources, dedicated facilities, and project-management experience provide seamless and cost-effective fixture fabrication and testing. Well-designed fixtures are important components in Elite’s vibration and shock testing programs.

  • It adapts to the shape, contour, and mounting points of the test item
  • It connects the shape to the vibration or shock machine surfaces
  • It transmits vibration/shock energy from the machine to the test item according to specification
  • It is designed to eliminate resonances that may dampen, amplify, or distort the intended test waveforms
  • It provides test orientations in multiple planes of motion
  • It balances and distributes the test item and fixture mass to maintain the center of gravity on the armature’s axis

Elite’s specialized machines and systems are custom designed for the application, providing clients with a complete turnkey solution. They are built to survive in the testing environment without interfering with the application of the required stresses. Equipment can also be designed to acquire specific data from the device under test.

Elite uses SolidWorks CAD software to develop and optimize fixture designs. Fabrication of the finished unit is done on-site in Elite’s full-service shop. Our fabrication shop includes two CNC mills capable of machining material up to four feet wide and is staffed by an experienced mechanical designer and a full-time machinist. Elite also has a 3D printer that can quickly produce high-strength inserts for contoured parts.

Start Your Custom Fixture Project

  • Describe the test item: detailed dimensioned drawings, test specifications, sample quantity, etc.
  • Provide a SolidWorks-compatible CAD file of your test item (.step, stp files, ISO 10303 “Standard for the Exchange of Product model data”)
  • Or provide a sample of the test item for our designers to directly measure its shape, contour, and mounting details.

Ready to Connect with an Elite Expert?

Our testing experts are available to answer your questions about our capabilities. Connect with us to discuss your requirements.

Our Custom Fixtures and Automation Specialists

To reliably and repeatedly perform vibration and shock testing, fixtures are needed to secure the product under test. The experts in Elite’s custom-fixture shop can adapt to virtually any form factor to assure a successful test.

Dan Mon

Technical Sales Engineer

Todd Bruhl

Senior Mechanical Engineer

John Lindberg

Environmental Stress Lab Manager

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